The AARP Scam

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).  Another SCAM on the American PUBLIC, including, but not limited to,  RETIRED people.

If you are a member of AARP, ASK them where YOUR money goes? 

Here is a hint, NOT to help YOU.  AARP is endorsing the new Democratic Health Care plan(s) for cold, hard cash.  AARP does not even NEED you to be a member any longer.  AARP is making more money from selling insurance and our “GOVERNMENT” than they get from members.  By endorsing the Democrat Health Care plan(s), they will INCREASE their income from insurance.  This INCREASE in insurance premiums will come from YOU, because of reductions in Medicare and Medicaid.

If I have not been clear, let me try again.  AARP wants the “Governement” to reduce Medicare and Medicaid, so that, Seniors (retired persons) will find it necessary to purchase (spend more of their own money) insurance to cover the reductions.  AARP will only be only too happy to provide this insurance.

If you do not want to believe me, do your own research.  You can start here.

I have also called these plans the Democrat Health Care plan(s), because that is what they are.  They have not worked with anyone, but a select few (not even all the Democarts are involved) to draft these “plans”. 

Also, how can AARP endorse a plan without reading it??  How do I know they have not read it, you ask.  Because even the Senators and Representatives that are voting on the plans, have NOT even SEEN the plans, let alone read them.

Call your representatives, tell them to read the bills, AND explain them to YOU!!!!  What will it cost YOU if you do nothing????

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One Response to “The AARP Scam”

  1. Saddays Says:

    All I have to say about this health care bill is

    this, its not right to force people into getting

    something they might not want! Look I already pay a

    3rd of my income to dam taxes and fees, now they

    want to force health insurance on me too. I don’t

    want to have to pay some big fat insurance company

    the rest of my income! You have to have car

    insurance and now health insurance too! What if I

    can’t afford it? What if I have a better use for my

    money then to put it in the hands of people like

    AIG! Haven’t the rich robbed the poor enough? Look

    insurance is just a bet between you and the

    insurance company, your betting that you’ll need the

    money on the policy, and they are betting that you

    don’t, but they win no matter what! So you pay the

    insurance company for the rest of your life hoping

    something bad happens so you can use it and its sad!

    Some says what if, but I say it should be my right

    to choose if I want it or not! The US is becoming

    more communist more everyday, force people to buy

    into a bet is just wrong! Is that why the soldiers

    died to defend their right to force us to do what

    they want? I hope not, so please someone stop these

    sorry a-holes and make this country great again!

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