“Pass Through” Taxes

This is a follow-up to blogs that mentioned “Pass Through” Taxes, here and here.

Pass Through Taxes are taxes that businesses pay in order to do business.  These businesses then INCLUDE these taxes in the final price of the products that they sell for a…..gasp….profit.  That means that ANYONE that buys their products, pays for these “Pass Through” Taxes.  IF these taxes were not included in the cost of the final product, the companies would be LOSING money and would not stay in business.  So, trust me on this one, if YOU buy anything (like food, gas, clothes,etc.), YOU are paying for these “Pass Through” Taxes.

Here is a good article concerning the size of the “Pass Through” Taxes that YOU pay.

Write your representatives and tell them how you feel.

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7 Responses to ““Pass Through” Taxes”

  1. worldtake Says:

    I apologize for the name calling and will not do that anymore on this blog.
    The social programs I worked in were, firstly for Child Incorporated — a not for profit in Austin TX and probably one of the most efficiently run systems I have ever seen that has improved the lives of thousands of poor families in Austin since its inception forty years ago.
    Next, I worked for the State of Texas, both for MHMR at the Texas State School(mental health and retardation) with the developmentally delayed and then for fifteen years at the Texas School for the Blind. I only spent a few years working for the State School, but all of the programs I was involved in there ran efficiently as they could given the low pay and low qualifications staff had to meet to be hired, but the Blind School in Austin is renowned nationwide for being the cutting edge when working with the blind and Visually Impaired and I have nothing but good to say about that place. Working there spurred me to go back and get a graduate degree — a professional certification in my current field.
    We then come to my current place of employment. I have never seen an agency, either profit or not-for profit, that is run more efficiently, has all of its hard-working employees satisfied with their jobs, and that meets the needs of their consumers better than AURORA of CNY, the not-for-profit where I work and have worked for the past ten years.
    I carry an average of forty people on my caseload — open and close up to twenty new ones each month — and my territory — three counties in Central New York State — is roughly fifty miles in all directions from my base city of Syracuse NY and I travel an average of 300 miles a week. I schedule all my own appointments and do the mountains of paperwork associated with each case, along with designing and building aids and appliences for my consumers. You can see some of them on my domain at: http://ssor.net/Rehabgadgets/

    I get paid a salary, but am only required to work 7.25 hours a day with a 45 minute meal break(45 seconds to inhale a burger king fish as I zoom to my next client is more like it). With my caseload these hours are not possible. I visit at least six people a day and put in at least fifty hours every week but if it sounds like I am not complaining I’m not — I love my job. This year, I closed 229 cases and saw at least 300 people.
    In addition the duties required of me, I have for the last eight years been in charge of Aurora’s CCTV (a CCTV is a device that blows text up for people on a built-in montor and they cost in the neighborhood of 3 grand — we do not, nor does the government provide these) loner program. People who have purchased one of these things and for what ever reason can no longer use it, donate them back to us and we — meaning me — deliver the bulky item to their home, set it up and train the person in its use – I delivered and taught 25 of those this year. I am one busy guy. Am currently on Vacation at my home recuperating from this last year — using 5 of my vacation days out of the two weeks I will lose because I didn’t take them before January 1. Why am I having to work so hard? Because the charitable giving has gone down so much that staff had to be reduced and since last year, I have been doing the work of three people instead of my normal two people.
    At least for AURORA, nobody could do what we do more efficiently than us and for sure nobody in the private sector, with profit being the bottom line and not people.
    BTW, if you go to my cover page http://worldtake.wordpress.com/
    and scroll down you will see a picture of a leather wrist-band. I received this in a Christmas Card this year from one of my consumers who I loaned a CCTV and trained to use it. When I gave him the machine he was very depressed because he could no longer continue with his retirement business of making various decorative leather goods due to his recent vision loss brought on by Glaucoma. In the accompanying note he thanked me for helping him “get on with his life”
    That is why I do what I do and no, I know that it couldn’t be done better by anyone else.

  2. worldtake Says:

    On point 2:
    you said:
    “On point #2, again I ask, what do you think politicians are?? They are, together, a special interest group, and their interests do not necessarily represent the interests of the USA (as evidenced recently).”
    And I reply:
    I guess that would depend on your perspective. Recently the behavior of the republican party — the party of no — in obstructing all efforts to see that the richest Americans pay there fair share of taxes while holding the rapidly disappearing middle class as hostage by not allowing the tax-cuts to continue unless those who hold the ever increasing lions share of our countries wealth have their tax-cuts continued — even when responsible members of the wealthy feel that they should be taxed more — while also tauting reagan’s obviously failed “trickle down” theory. The only place it trickles to is deeper in the pockets of the 2% who control 95% of our wealth. But of course I believe you refer to the activities of Obama and the Democrats.

    Please let me see the ample evidence you refer to. I have worked in various social programs for the last twenty six years and have personally witnessed how these programs have enriched the lives of those who received them and along with the dedicated professionals I have worked with, have often helped them to become independent productive members of society. I suspect that your “evidence” is not first-hand, but that you have received from the propaganda machine fueled by such evil characters as carl rove, or dick cheney.
    In the last ten years alone, I have worked with over 2000 — that is not an exaggeration — people who are blind or legally blind, mostly above the age of 80, who had lost their independence due to their loss of vision. In most of these cases, through money that taxes allowed me to spend on them and through the training they received from me to use the magnifiers, etc I issued them, they gained a level of independence and could then continue with a greater degree of independence, living their lives.
    Again your characterizations of social programs come from the same propaganda that touts private charity as the end-all way for people to get help. It is a simple fact that when times are good and there is high employment rates, people are more free with their money and charitable organizations help to take up the slack of what is done by our taxes, but in a situation like the one our nation is in now, charitable giving goes way down. In other words, when it is really needed, it is not there. And I don’t speak from propaganda here. I work for a not-for-profit that relies heavily on the united way for funding, and have seen the money we receive from them and other charitable organisations shrink in direct proportion to our economy going down the tubes.

    As for your figures on the military — more right-wing propaganda.
    I guess it depends on your source. One source shows a pie chart
    that has military spending at 36% and when you include the expenditure on past military,
    the percentage rises that amount to 56%
    Another site:
    Shows a graph that indicates world military spending since 1988 — the height of the reagan empire — note that what is going on now matches what was going on when he was in power. An interesting discussion on this is at http://wiki.answers.com/Q/What_percentage_of_the_federal_budget_is_spent_on_the_military

    Again, since you are obviously not working in human services and I am, I think I am more qualified to say that the vast majority of people who work in human services are not corrupt and are hard-workers who have a genuine desire to help people.

    So I gues you think that welfare fraud is perpetrated by the poor? There is some of that, but in most cases welfare fraud is perpetrated by unscrupulous, already wealthy, doctors.

    I am curious as to what profession you are in. By your “ignorance” of social programs, I am sure you don’t work in any of them. Are you a business person? A politician? What is your income level? I don’t have a problem sharing mine — I make roughly 40 grand a year.

    • Steve Says:

      First a note: Do not name call!! I do not appreciate it and I feel that it reduces discussions to points where facts and evidence are irrelevant. If you can not have a discussion without resorting to name calling, your arguments are weak and not supportable. As an example, you stated “I suspect that your “evidence” is not first-hand, but that you have received from the propaganda machine fueled by such evil characters as carl rove, or dick cheney.” This is unacceptable on my blog. If you would like to illustrate where certain individuals are incorrect, I will post that and debate the merits.
      There are many studies, that have shown the examples that I have mentioned. Here is an article that contains references, including some economists working for Obama, that basically say that extending unemployment checks, extends unemployment.
      In another example of your name calling, you state that in my military numbers I quote “right wing propoganda”. This is very troubling considering I told you that the numbers that I used came from the CBO. Currently, the CBO is controlled by the most democrat government of the US in at least 30 years. I may disagree with the CBO numbers but one can never say that they lean too far from center, and currently the lean is to the left.
      As far as your sources are concerned, I believe it is easy to see their biases. One is called warresistors and another is oneworld and the other is manipulated both ways, so is untrustworthy on subjective questions.. If you think those are not biased, I can not help you.
      As for my profession, I work as a Civil Engineer and have a Masters degree in Business. I have started multiple companies, not all successful, and I currently earn roughly $65,000 a year. I also have a genuine desire to help people achieve their dreams. I think there are unscrupulous people in all wealth categories and that welfare fraud is rampant. The only way I see to reduce the fraud is to reduce the pie. As you have shown no inclination to offer solutions, I feel that you are only spouting propaganda. If you would like to continue the discussion, I am willing. But you must offer solutions, as opposed to trying to belittle me and name calling others. Good luck. As a final question, were the social programs that you have worked for the last 26 years efficient, or may there be a better way to accomplish the same goals?

  3. worldtake Says:

    To Steve,
    On point #2 I should have said no “one person or one special interest group” Hopefully our politicians represent different political perspectives and also hopefully they can work together and agree where taxes should be spent or not.
    As far as I can tell, “Reagan Americans” as you refer to them, are not interested in paying taxes unless they are for the military. And yes, they want to eliminate spending for anyone but themselves. They don’t think there should be any social programs for the poor and disenfranchised.
    Beyond the military, what do you think taxes should be spent on?
    The thing is I always hear the neocons talking about less spending. Lets hear what you want to spend money on. I think there should be lots of spending cuts, primarily on our biggest expenditure — The military — so more money can be spent on the health of our people.

    • Steve Says:

      Thanks worldtake for your reply. I do appreciate the time you take to engage in conversation.
      On point #2, again I ask, what do you think politicians are?? They are, together, a special interest group, and their interests do not necessarily represent the interests of the USA (as evidenced recently).
      YOU are the one who brought up “Reagan Americans”, not I, do not try and attribute those words to me. As far as “Reagan Americans” (and I think that I am one), we understand that there is a necessity for taxes, and we are diligent to pay our share. We do, however, want our taxes spent efficiently. As for social programs, there is ample evidence that shows that most social programs are a waste of money and do more harm than good. If you are looking for charity, private institutions are better at allocating funds to the needy, than the government. If the government does the spending it tends to produce corruption and fraud. For example, do an internet search on Pigford claims. Do I think that social programs should be eliminated? No. Do I think the social programs are too large? Yes!! For example, many studies have shown that people on unemployment tend to find a job in the last month of eligibility. I think that we need to reduce the time on unemployment and force these people to be productive. Are their lives difficult or not what they wanted or not what they “think they deserve”? Too bad. Life is hard. It is better here in the United States than anywhere in the history of the world. Get over it and find something productive to do. I guarantee, that I am not happy where I am either, but I still work.
      As far as military, I feel that cuts can be made. The cuts that I would propose would be in a $ amount, with the stipulation that special interests (politicians) can NOT dictate where that money is spent. The military has a vested interest in being efficient with the money. If they are not, people (soldiers) die. The politicians have no such motivation.
      As for your false assertion, that the military is the biggest expenditure. This is blatently untrue. According to the Congressional Business Office (CBO) in 2009, 20% of Federal expenditure was military, 20% was Social Security, and 20% on Medicare and Medicaid, with interest on national debt rising 1% to end at 6% of Federal expeditures. So, as I see it, 40% of spending was on the three large social programs of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. And the rise in interest payments should be alarming to every American, as this occured during falling interest rates.
      As for what I think the goverment should spend money on, there are three areas. 1) Defense, we need to be able to protect ourselves. This includes defense (military), economic (fair world markets) and social (local laws and police). 2) Infrastructure, we need to have every American have access to the world markets (Roads, phones, internet, mail, etc.). 3) Safety nets, we need to be able to help our citizens that truly need help (Limited social programs, social security, unemployment, health, etc.). This does not include people that are ignorant or lazy. Social Security should be large enough to provide the absolute minimum for survival, it should not be the sole source of retirement income. Unemployment should be long enough for people to become active in searching for a job. I feel 6 monnths is long enough. It took me 60 days at the beginning of 2010 to be laid off and to find a job. I am making 25% less, but I have a job.

  4. worldtake Says:

    Read my take on the tax situationHere

    • Steve Says:

      To Worldtake:
      You obviously have not thought out your assertions. Here is where you lost me. On your supposed “fact #2”. Seriously??
      What do you think a politician is?? I think they are people “dictating what should be taxed and how taxes are spent”. So much for your “facts”.
      Also, you seem to have a missperception of “Reagan Americans”. They do not want an elimination of taxes. They want a REDUCTION of taxes, and elimination of spending on frivolous projects. They also want a general reduction in spending. Next time, I would like you to think of one project that the government is spending money on, that you do NOT agree with. If you can not find one, then there is no hope for you. After you find one, describe your reasons for disagreeing. Then we can start a discussion.

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