The National Deficit

Anyone who reads this post, I am imploring you to PLEASE help.  We need to educate our fellow Americans on the workings of the Government.  Here is a link to Pew Research Center results from a recent poll that they have conducted.  And below is results of a question that are causing the problem that I am having:

“Thinking about the economic stimulus passed by Congress last year. Do you think the stimulus has [see below] or not?”
    Yes No Unsure    
    % % %    
  “Increased the federal budget deficit”
  7/15-18/10 66 23 11

Seriously???  I will give the 11 percent the benefit of the doubt or say at least they KNOW that they do not know.  But, the other 23%??  Seriously???  Does anyone here actually believe that the stimulus ($800 BILLION, plus or minus) has NOT contributed to the National Deficit?? 

Please let me know, we can have a conversation about this.  If you know someone who falls in this 23%, please sit them down and explain it (nicely) to them.

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