No Specific Ideas…

Today, the Anointed One “claimed” that the “Tea Party” does not have any SPECIFIC IDEAS when it comes to their desires to lower Government spending and/or cut taxes. 

First, I wat to state that there is not a “Tea Party”, per se.  There is a (large) group of American Citizens that do NOT like the  current direction of the United States, specifically the trend towards a Socialist government that controls almost EVERY aspect of its citizens lives.  They believe that Government is NOT the solution to every problem that we face.  They desire lower taxes, more freedom (including the freedom to fail), and they want to feel safe in a dangerous world. 

Now, as for the “allegation” that the “Tea Party” does not have any specific ideas about spending.  Give me a minute, I want to make sure that I say this in such a way that The One may finally understand what I am saying.

Let me be clear,  I want the government to pull out the books from way back in 2008.  Then I want them to spend EXACTLY what they spent, on EXACTLY what they spent it on!!!! 

This will be a good place to start.  If the President does NOT like these ideas, I will readily give him a choice.  HE can pick ANY year, BEFORE he became the leader of the FREE WORLD, and use that year as the spending EXAMPLE!!!  Do not change the amount or the destination of the spending!!!  THEN we can work on other ideas for reducing spending.

I hope I have been CLEAR.  Any questions, Mr. President??

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