Irony…. (reposted with updates)

Does anyone else find it ironic, that now that the Republicans in the House of Representatives are going to hold a vote to REPEAL ObamaCare, the only things the Democrats can talk about is Jobs? (UPDATE:  The House has passed the repeal of ObamaCare, now it is up to the Senate.)

Let me get this straight. 

You, the Democrats, worked for almost 2 full years to jam ObamaCare down our, the American Public, throats against the will of a majority of us.  This is during the longest period of 9%+ unemployment in the history of the United States of America.  And now you want to say do not worry about the JOB KILLING provisions and uncertainty contained in the 2,000+ pages of a bill that NO ONE has read, worry about the economy and jobs.  Huhhhhh?

Seriously, at this point there have been 111 organizations that represent more than 1 million Americans that have been granted a waiver from complying with ObamaCare.  (UPDATE #1:  As of December 3, 2010:  The number has increased to 222 organizations and more than 1.5 million Americans, the HHS summary.  That is a 100% increase in the approved waivers, in 3 weeks!!)  (UPDATE#2 : As of January 27, 2011:  The number has increased to 733 organizations  and more than 2.1 million Americans. More than a 300% increase in 8 weeks!!)  The White House will not say how many have applied or how many are planning on applying.  So by my calculations, we have at least 111 people that have wasted spent time applying and we have at least 1 government employee reviewing the applications.  This is being generous on both counts, as I imagine that there at least 20 people in the government and at least 5 people involved in the private sector per application.  So you see, the Democrats are creating jobs!!

To the Democrats:  You have had more than 18 months of 9%+ unemployment to concentrate on jobs and the economy, and have only damaged or ignored both.  For examples, examine the off shore drilling moratorium that you have enacted, or the Obamacare fiasco that NO ONE in the world knows how it will be implemented, but most economists agree that it puts a strain on new hiring.  I suggest you sit down and learn something about how the real world, ie. not D.C., works!!

To the Republicans:  REPEAL the farce that is ObamaCare!!

I welcome any proof that the policies enacted by the Democrats, in the last two years, has created ANY jobs, not related to government.

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2 Responses to “Irony…. (reposted with updates)”

  1. futiledemocracy Says:

    It must be hard for a President, when he has the entire American Right roadblocking absolutely everything he does. Obama can’t go for a shit in a public toilet without a bunch of teaparty lunatics (who are a massive source of ridicule here in the EVIL COMMUNIST EUROPE) saying it’s quite clearly socialism at work.

    • Steve Says:

      First, let me say thank you for your comment.
      Second, I am always interested in hearing about how other parts of this great planet view different regions.
      Third, I am not sure who says “EVIL COMMUNIST EUROPE”. Name your source for this statement. I have not heard ANYONE say Europe is “evil”. It is my view that most of Europe is much more socialist, not communist, than the United States, and is actually trending towards more economic freedom. Many in the United States do not agree with that form of government, however we are/have not trying/tried to actively change it. We might make suggestions. If they are not taken, no hard feelings. I believe that ALL people should be able to rule themselves, as they see fit, provided they do not physically threaten the USA. I also believe that if that government harms its citizens, or others of another nation, then that government should be dealt with. (This does NOT include self defense.)
      Fourth, I have not seen ONE SINGLE INSTANCE of ANYONE, let alone a teaparty member say ANYTHING about the President using ANY restroom. Please site your source. Also, site where you have determined that person is a teaparty “lunatic”. If you cannot, please refrain from baseless namecalling on this blog. We are here to discuss issues, and welcome all viewpoints that can be backed up. We will not tolerate baseless slander.
      Fifth, NO ONE ever said that being President of the United States is “easy”.
      As for your comment regarding the “American right” roadblocking everything he does, I have a question:

      Did you know that for the last 2 years the “American Right” has had NO power to “roadblock” ANYTHING the President can get the Democrats to do? The Democrats held a majority in the House and a filibuster proof majority in the Senate. It seems to me that the Democrats were the problem in getting anything done. Their problem stemmed from the fact that they also work for their constituents, and many things were not wanted by their constistuents. Thus resulting in the unprecedented, in the last 75 years, Democrat losses in the elections. Name your source for your insinuation that the American Right was “roadblocking”, I am sure that it is factually incorrect and just a liberal talking point. When you name your sources, I will point out the inconsistencies, as it seems you are unwilling or unable. Also, can you remeber all the way back to the last two years of the Bush II Pesidency? Wasn’t it then the “left” who was “roadblocking” the President?? Is it ok for the left to do this, and not ok for the right?

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