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Democrats Flee their responsibilities….

February 24, 2011

So far the Democrats in Wisconsin have fled to hide in Illinois, to avoid a vote that they do not want.  Regardless of the fact, that they have a JOB to do, that the were ELECTED for, that they WANTED.

Now the Democrats in Indiana are following the same script.


Arizona has a LAW that says something like: “if a public officeholder doesn’t “discharge the duties of office” for three straight months, the office becomes vacant until a special election is held to fill it. It doesn’t say exactly what it would take for an officeholder to qualify as having discharged his or her duties.”

I would think that NOT showing up for work and at least voting present, like someone else we know, would qualify as NOT discharging their duties.  I wonder how long the Wisconsin and Indiana governors can keep the Democrats away?  Could they then call for an open election for their seats??  Let me know what you think.

Protests in Wisconsin…

February 21, 2011

I will be posting my thoughts on the protests in Wisconsin shortly.  This post is concerning the physician notes being handed out, at the protests, to the protestors so they may be “excused” from their absence from work.

In my opinion, the Attorney General of Wisconsin needs to open an investigation into the “notes”.  They should compile a list of all the notes, including the employee that turned it in, the physician that issued it, the date it was issued and the dates involved.  How many people can a physician examine in one day?  The attorney general then needs to examine the medical insurance claims done on said dates.  If these do NOT match, something is fishy!

If it can be proven that a physician was arbitrarily providing notes, then charges of medical malpractice needs to be filed.  Also, fraud charges need to be leveled against the end users, they know they were not sick.

Where is MY $4,000 bonus???

February 14, 2011

So, General Motors, also known as GM or Government Motors, is going to pay its “workers” a $4,000 bonus

That is great, except that is coming from the United States Government that is projected to have a $1.65 TRILLION deficit this year.  That is $1,650,000,000,000.  You know that we, the American Public, still own (at least 30%), and they still OWE us $27 BILLION!!  This does not include the $17 BILLION that GMAC still owes us, that has been removed from the Government Motors balance sheet through accounting gimmicks, and is likely to grow.

So, to summarize, a company that is owned by you, and still owes you money, is going to take some more of your money and give it to some employees, because they did NOT get a raise this year.  Just so they know, I did NOT get a raise this year either, AND I took a 25% pay cut since The One has taken office.  Where is MY $4,000???

If you are not happy about this fleecing, let your reprentatives know!

Salaries across the United States…

February 9, 2011

How much does the President of the United States earn??

The president earns a $400,000 annual salary… since 2001″

Can we all agree that the Office of the President of the United States of America is the most difficult, complex and stressful public position in the United States? 

If there is another public position that you think is more difficult, please let me know.  Let’s discuss it. 

I believe that the President is the hardest.  The President gets paid $400,000 per year.

These next stories make me disgusted.

1)  Eight city works have been charged for taking too large a salary near Los Angeles, CA.  The mayor was being paid $800,000.  The others were making slightly less.

2)  A Wayne Township (Indiana) School Superintendent gets a $1,000,000 retirement package.  That is a township!  It is not even classified as a city.

3) Smithsonian secretary Lawrence M. Small earned $915,568 for one year of work, while he took 10 weeks vacation.  It is a museum!!

These are just the few instances that I know about, I am sure there are more.

Can we write a law that states, very simply:  No one working for any public entity (city, state or federal) may receive more compensation than the President of the United States’ annual salary.  If  an organization receives money from any government in the form of funding, no one working for that organization may receive more compensation than the President of the United States’ annual salary.

The second sentence is meant to cover organizations such as Planned Parent hood (received $300,000,000 from the feds, ceo earned $1,000,000).  Also, I may need to add that you if you work for more than one entity, your total compensation from public organizations may not be more than the Presidents.  That is it.  No grey areas.  If you work for the public, you will NOT earn more than the President, whose job is more demanding than yours.