Where is MY $4,000 bonus???

So, General Motors, also known as GM or Government Motors, is going to pay its “workers” a $4,000 bonus

That is great, except that is coming from the United States Government that is projected to have a $1.65 TRILLION deficit this year.  That is $1,650,000,000,000.  You know that we, the American Public, still own (at least 30%), and they still OWE us $27 BILLION!!  This does not include the $17 BILLION that GMAC still owes us, that has been removed from the Government Motors balance sheet through accounting gimmicks, and is likely to grow.

So, to summarize, a company that is owned by you, and still owes you money, is going to take some more of your money and give it to some employees, because they did NOT get a raise this year.  Just so they know, I did NOT get a raise this year either, AND I took a 25% pay cut since The One has taken office.  Where is MY $4,000???

If you are not happy about this fleecing, let your reprentatives know!

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