Debt Ceiling???

I have seen many reports that the Democrats are SCREAMING that if the debt ceiling does not get raised, then the economy is going to crash and every bad thing that happens can be blamed on the Republicans.

OK, let’s say that I, and the rest of the American Public, agree.  If the debt ceiling does NOT get raised, then the economy will enter a second recession, or worse a depression..  OK.

Then I believe that the Republicans should agree with raising the debt ceiling!!

But…..what if I disagree?  What if , I say that if we do NOT control the spending of the Government of the United States of America, then NOTHING will help us avoid the slow death that is coming……courtesy of Obama’s death panel….because it will become too expensive to save the patient, that is the USA.

I think I have a solution that will satisfy BOTH beliefs!!!

I think that the Republicans should agree to raise the debt ceiling, with NO conditions!!!  Then, ANYTHING that happens after that IS the President’s, and by default the Democrats, fault!!!  If you think that things are not going to get worse from here, I think you are delusional.

P.S. – I think the Republicans should raise the debt ceiling……………..

………….by $1!!!!!!

Now, it is the President’s fault!!!  He did not say how MUCH he wanted it raised by!!  Because, he has NO idea how to lead!!!

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