Steve Liesman and the Unemployment Rate under Obama…

Here is a fantastic article that shows the bias of the Lame Stream Media.  I would like to concentrate on Steve Liesman at CNBC.  I know I have written about Mr. Liesman before, but I can not resist pointing out the hypocrisy of a channel that is reporting on Business, OBJECTIVELY (I had hoped).  Below is the relevant quote.

“The concern here is that there was a lot of hurricane related with bounce back from September and a lot of construction related activity that added to jobs in October.”

Do you know when this was said??  It was in 2004, when Mr. Liesman was criticizing the Unemployment numbers under President Bush.

Hey Rick Santelli, the next time Mr. Liesman is spouting off about how much better the Unemployment numbers really are (under The One), ask him about the “bounce” that has probably occurred from the recent tornadoes that have ravaged parts of the country.  So really, the numbers would be MUCH worse without the Natural Disasters that have “saved” Obama’s economy.

Or does that only count when a Republican is in charge??

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