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Unemployment Claims…

July 28, 2011

Today we have some “good” (?) economic “news”. 

After 15 weeks of having Initial Claims for Unemployment being ABOVE 400,000 we have finally(?) broken the 400,000 level.  Last week there were ONLY 398,000 Initial Claims for Unemployment.  Or have we?? 

I will make a wager with anyone that NEXT week the 398,000 number is REVISED UPWARD above 400,000.  Any takers??  I have been unable to find the number of consecutive weeks that the initial claims number has been revised upward, if anyone has this please leave a comment.  I will update this post next week.

By the way, Wall Street loved this number and rallied immediately.  Talk about market manipulation.  I doubt we see any prosecutions.  For when the major players manipulate the markets with the Fed’s blessing, it is OK.

Are people OVERPAID, continued…

July 14, 2011

 This is a continuation of articles I have written here, here and here.  For this one, let’s go back to California…

It seems that there is another doctor, working for the corrections department.  I know, I know, you say doctors should be paid highly.  They have all that “training” and “education” and “experience”, AND they SAVE peoples lives.

What if I told you (from FoxNews and the LA Times)….

“Dr. Jeffery Rohlfing, 65, is on mail room duty…”


“A California surgeon at a state prison who has not seen a patient in six years because the state is concerned about his medical skills…”


“If you are ordered to bring somebody back to work, and you can’t trust them with patients, you have to find something for them to do.”

How much does he get paid, you ask??        $235,740 is his base salary.

Are you mad YET???  This “doctor” that does NO doctoring makes more than the Governor of California!!!  Not only that, but I would be willing to wager there are MANY unemployed people that could do the job he IS doing for 25% of the cost!!


As I have said before, This is the CRAP that has to STOP!!  I think Donald Trump says it best…..”You’re FIRED!!”

IF the state cannot remove someone that is INCOMPETENT, then the Legislature of that state needs to pass a new law.  Unless, of course they are TOOOOO busy with other MORE important things…

Are people OVERPAID, continued…

July 6, 2011

Previously, I have written about people (in NY, and elsewhere) that are making WAY too much money at the expense of TAXPAYERS.

This time let’s go to California. 

In California, there is a Psychiatrist (from Bloomberg), working for the Corrections Department.  You know JAILS, those places where guilty, convicted CRIMINALS are housed.  This person was the HIGHEST paid state employee in California.

“…paid more than any other state employee in 2010…”

How much was this person, a Doctor, paid, you ask? 


Also, in the report it listed the Top Ten State Employee Salaries in California were ALL above $500,000!!  This did NOT include the Governor, who earned a measly $173,987 salary.  Seriously??  Is anyone telling me that a jail psychiatrist’s job is MORE important or MORE difficult or has MORE responsibility then the Governor??

OR, how about some of those “lifeguards”??  In  California, how much can you “earn”, being a lifeguard? From Foxnews:

“two  cleared more than $200,000 in 2010, while the lowest-paid officer made more than $98,000”

You read that correctly.  Two “lifeguards” earned MORE than the governor in 2010!!  AND, I would be willing to bet that these two “lifeguards” did NOT save anyone in 2010, as they were only in charge of training, scheduling and managing the other lifeguards.  You know the hard stuff, like:

“The fulltime guards train more than 200 seasonal lifeguards who make between $16 and $22 an hour, run a junior lifeguard program that brings in $1 million a year and oversee safety on nearly seven miles of sand.”

Oh…..ALMOST 7 WHOLE MILES OF SAND!!!  That makes it different!!

This is the CRAP that has to STOP!!

Let me know what you think.