Matt Damon and Taxes…

Apparently, Matt Damon (interview by Nicholas Ballasy) is upset that “rich” people, LIKE HIM, do not pay more in taxes.

“Matt Damon Calls for 50% Tax Rate & Says Nobody Who Earns Over $250,000 Starts Businesses if They Keep More of Their Own Money”

I would like to make a wager with Mr. Damon.  What if I told Mr. Damon that there are people in the USA making less than his $250,000/year income, that pay MORE than 50%!!  Would he say that does not happen??

You can visit a posting I did a few years ago here.  If we include ALL of the taxes paid by citizens, I would wager that most income tax payers in New Jersey are paying more than 50%.  And that does NOT include the self-employed.  Speaking of the self-employed, I would wager that if it is a small company (less than 20 employees), that the owners pay more than 50%.  I KNOW!  I have owned a small business.  My taxes were closer to 65%.  AND I did start that business with MY own money.  Seriously, Mr Damon??  Do you really believe that most of the small businesses started in this country, are started with someone else’s money??  Seriously??  I would wager that greater than 50% of the businesses started in ANY year in the USA, are started with the founder’s money, or family of the founder.

Pick the wager Mr. Damon, and let me know what you would like to wager.  I’m willing to back up the FACTS with MY OWN money, are you willing to back up your faulty opinions with your money??

A comment for Mr. Damon.  I have checked and there is NO law that prohibits Mr. Damon from sending more than the minimum to the IRS.  I think it would behoove Mr. Damon, if next April, he showed EVERYONE the check that he was sending to the IRS.  What say you Mr. Damon.  Please, quit being one of those standard “Hollywood Stars” that says “Do as I say, not as I do.”  Stand behind your convictions and lead by example.  Until then, I think you should stick to “acting”, your “real life” experiences are lacking!  If you really BELIEVE what you are saying, send the money, then you can “lecture” the rest of us.


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One Response to “Matt Damon and Taxes…”

  1. Soquel by the Creek Says:

    Mr. Damon’s diatribe is so chock-full of factual errors on taxes and those that create businesses that I posted this blog.

    BLOG: “Matt Damon Needs a Wider Circle of Friends (and an Education on the U.S. Tax System)”

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