Initial Claims for Unemployment…

Well, another Thursday, another day that the Initial Claims for Unemployment numbers get revised UPWARD!!  Last week I said:

“This week I will wager that the initial claims for unemployment is closer to 405,000 than 402,000.”

And this week the unemployment number report says, from FoxNews:

“The Labor Department said Thursday that weekly applications dropped 9,000 to a seasonally adjusted 397,000, the lowest level in five weeks.”

So, let’s see how this works.  397,000 + 9,000 equals 406,000!!!  Last weeks number was revised UPWARD to 406,000.  I missed the number by 1,000, again.  This time to the downside.

I also love how Fox News has the title to their article:

“Unemployment Claims Fall Below 400,000 for the First Time in Five Weeks”

Anyone want to bet??  I will bet that this weeks number will be revised UPWARD to at least 400,000.  In fact I will bet that the number comes in at 401,000.  Any takers??

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