I’m sure everyone has already heard about how the corrupt Obama Administration paid off Obama’s political cronies in the Solyndra affair.  Of course, the inept Obama Administration is denying anything of the sort and says they “reviewed” everything and gave the money to Solyndra based on “the merits after extensive analysis”.  But after reading an article this morning from Fox News, I have a few questions.  First a few quotes from the article:

“Lazard was hired to look at Solyndra’s financing after the company received a $528 million loan in 2009 and $69 million in private money earlier this year in a restructuring deal approved by the Obama administration.  Under the second deal, the private investors moved ahead of U.S. taxpayers in case of a default on the loan, a fact that GOP investigators have sharply criticized.

“Lazard was paid $1 million for analyzing options related to the faltering company, Solyndra Inc.”

Hey Obama, wouldn’t it have saved the American Taxpayer OVER half a BILLION dollars, if you would have had Lazard do the initial analysis??  If Lazard is good enough, to pay $1 MILLION to do an analysis AFTER the fact, I think that would have been PRUDENT.

Hey Obama, IF the Department of Energy “analyzers” were SO good, WHY did we pay Lazard $1 MILLION to do any analyzing??  Who do YOU know at Lazard?  Was this an open bid contract?  I would have done the analysis for half that amount!!

Hey Obama, I have not heard of YOU firing any of the idiots that approved this loan, why not??

Hey Obama, I have not heard of YOU firing anyone who “approved” the creditors moving in front of the American Taxpayer, why not??

Hey Obama, how many other cronies did YOU pay off??


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