Initial Claims for Unemployment FINALLY remain below 400,000…

Initial Claims for Unemployment FINALLY remain below 400,000, but they are STILL high at (from CNBC):

“Initial claims for state unemployment benefits fell 5,000 to a seasonally adjusted 388,000, the Labor Department said, from an upwardly revised 393,000 the prior week.”

What did I say last week:

“I will bet that the TRUE number is 393,000 Initial Claims for Unemployment.”

What??  I have given another PERFECT estimation of the weeks claims!!!  How many times can you point to, where the Government Propagandists have told you the TRUE number??  That’s right…..ZERO!!!  And when is the last time that the Government Propagandists “estimated” a number that they had to revise downward??  I cannot find ONCE since Obama has been President!!!

This week I will bet that the TRUE number is STILL ABOVE 390,000 at 391,000.  Any takers??

By the way we are STILL above the number that signifies a reduction in the overall unemployment percentage, which STILL remains ABOVE 9.0% according to the Government Propagandists.

The following is a quote from the FoxNews report:

“Applications need to consistently drop below 375,000 to signal sustained job gains. They haven’t been that low since February.”

Let’s see….March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November….that makes 9 MONTHS, since the initial claims for unemployment have been at the UPPER RANGE to show “sustained job gains”!!!  And anyone who has read my previous posts knows that the 375,000 could very well be 350,000, which means it is LONGER THAN 9 MONTHS!!!  The jobs picture REMAINS BLEAK and there are NO SIGNS OF IMPROVEMENT YET!!

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