Initial Claims for Unemployment may or MAY NOT be Improving continued…

Is this the first crack in the propaganda???

Here is what I said last week about the initial claims for unemployment:

“I will wager that next week this number will be revised UPWARD to 368,000, NO change.”

And this week the government propagandists “statisticians” say (from CNBC):

“The prior week’s claims data was revised up to 366,000 from the previously reported 364,000.”

Damn, missed by ANOTHER 2,000 claims, this time to the upside.  See how a REAL statistician makes errors to both sides of an estimation.  Some months I ma above the number, some months I am below the number, and some months I am just right.  My error per month is MUCH LOWER than the government propagandists, and my overall error when taken over a longer time period almost disappears.  UNLIKE the government propagandists who have been off TO THE DOWNSIDE (which makes the unemployment numbers “appear” to be better than they are) almost ALL OF THE TIME!!!

Then we get this from FoxNews, who is supposed to be “anti-Obama”:

“But a measure of applications over the past month fell to a three-and-a-half-year low, an indication that hiring could pick up.”

Here’s a question.  IF they are anti-Obama WHY would they even try to be optimistic??  IF someone has a good answer, please share.

This week the “estimation” is :

“Initial claims for state unemployment benefits increased 15,000 to a seasonally adjusted 381,000, the Labor Department said.”

I will wager that this number gets revised UPWARD again to at least 384,000.  Any takers??

Happy New Year everyone, let’s hope that the economy gets better, for the American people, in 2012.

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