Obama and his PROMISE to not raise taxes…

Does everyone remember when President Obama PROMISED that, under his plan, “no family making less than $250,000 per year, would pay more in taxes, PERIOD!!”??  Here is a video on youtube, you will only have to watch the first 30 seconds.  He was very emphatic and he wanted to you to hear it “from him”!!

I just have two words for Mr. Obama, except I cannot take credit for them as they have already been spoken in the House Chambers.  Thank you Mr. Wilson:

“YOU LIE!!!”

If anyone doubts me, let me explain it this way.  Just the facts. 

I have a family of three.  We make much less than $250,000 per year.  Last year, 2011, not only did we earn LESS money than the year before, 2010 (in real dollars, not including inflation), BUT we paid MORE in taxes to the federal government than we did in 2010.  To make matters worse, we donated about 10 times more to charities in 2011, we also had a mortgage deduction that we did not have in 2010.  So not only was the absolute dollar amount higher, our TAX RATE was higher as well!!!  Thank you for raising my taxes Mr. Obama, you are responsible!!

Mr. President, YOU LIE!!!  If he ever says that taxes will NOT or HAVE NOT gone up for the middle class, call him out.  Where is the press?? 

If a Republican President had said anything close to this, the press would have lambasted that person across the country.  Oh wait…..does anyone remember President H. W. Bush??  That is what NEEDS to happen to the current president.  If the MSM was actually honest and was doing their JOB, there would be no confusion about the President’s policies.

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