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Are People Overpaid???

September 24, 2012

I have written many times on this subject, here is a link that contains many , but not all, links to other articles.

For this post lets revisit New York.  How much do you think a Janitor should be paid??  First, I do not want to disparage any Janitors (not mentioned in this post).  I would like to point out that NO form of Higher Education (and probably any education) is required, you probably do not need to speak english, you do not need to know much math, you do not have to use a computer, you do not have to write anything besides your initials and a date, etc.

From the New York Post:

“Top 20 school scrubbers pull in 140G-plus

$140,000+ to CLEAN UP a school!!!  Are you kidding me??  I used to do Janitorial work, it was one of my first jobs.  I can do that.  Please hire me, I’ll do it for $100,000!!!

As The Post reported yesterday, suspected crooked custodian Trifon Radef counts himself among the rich elite, making more than $170,000 a year. Radef is under investigation for allegedly using city workers to renovate nine of the 10 properties he owns in Queens, officials say.

But Radef wasn’t even the highest-earning “custodial engineer.”

That honor went to Queens janitor Kevin Fitzgerald, who pulled in a whopping $181,643 at PS 229 in Woodside — thanks to the supplementary work he performed at two other Queens schools, records show.

Radef and Fitzgerald were among six custodians who took home more than $150,000 last year — and among the 20 who hauled in more than $140,000, the records show.”

STOP the Madness!!!  And Kevin Fitzgerald is NOT under any investigation!!!???

The BLS and the weekly Unemployment Report…

September 20, 2012

I have written many posts on this subject here and here are links to the last two posts. 

The last post noticed that the Wall Street Journal was FINALLY noticing the PROPAGANDA that is the weekly report from the BLS.  Now, I have found another reference at ZeroHedge, and the following quote says everything that I want to say:

“Because the ever data-massaging BLS was kind enough to revise last week’s print upward (for the 86th week in a row)…”

The 86th week in a row!!!  MORE than a year and a half the Bureau of Labor Propaganda “Statistics” has INCORRECTLY reported the numbers to the American Public in the same direction, that benefits the President.  If you need any other proof that these are NOT statisticians, but paid shills, there is nothing I can say.

Are People Overpaid??

September 7, 2012

Here is a continuation of previous posts about OVERPAID people.  This time let’s go to a National Organization.  How many people think that Teachers, in general, are overpaid??  Show of hands…..

I do not have concrete statistics on the answer to that question, and I DO NOT BELIEVE THAT TEACHERS ARE OVERPAID!  In fact, I believe that most good teachers are UNDERPAID!!  I understand that there are some terrible, horrible “teachers” in the USA and they deserve to be fired, tarred and feathered.  Some belong in JAIL.  BUT, for a large majority of teachers, they are trying to do a good job and care about results.  I even imagine that most would change the way they teach if they were shown a better way.  THIS POST IS NOT DISPARAGING TEACHERS!!  BUT……I do want to talk about the National Education Association, the NEA.

The NEA – this is THE teachers UNION.  I have provided a link to a list of their “employees” and their salaries.  Here are some bullet points:

  • They list 1017 “employees.  If we eliminate “former employees” (10, that are still paid something?, but probably do nothing), “unpaid interns” (39 of 97 “interns” are unpaid and only 10 make more than $10,000), “Board of Directors” (249, the highest salary is $21,733, but ALL but 7 of whom are paid less than $10,000, and 150 are UNPAID) and there are 36 people who are unpaid, we are left with 684 “employees”.  If we eliminate the 68 people who earn less than $10,000, there are 8 less than $1,000, 2 less than $2,000, 8 less than $3,000, 19 less than $4,000, 12 less than $5,000, 7 less than $6,000, 7 less than $7,000, 1 less than $8,000, 2 less than $9,000 and 2 less than $10,000.  We are left with 619 people who work for the NEA.  These are people paid through Union Dues from our teachers.  I could eliminate a few more, say up to a beginning teachers salary, but you should see the point shortly.  619 of 1017 is 61% of the entire employees of the NEA “earn more than $10,000.
  • 423 of the employees of the NEA “earn” MORE THAN $100,000!! 423 of 619 is 68% of the employees are paid MORE THAN $100,000!!!
  • 121 of the employees of the NEA “earn” more than $150,000!!
  • 25 of the employees of the NEA “earn” more than $200,000!!
  • 3 of the employees of the NEA “earn” more than $300,000!!
  • 1 employee of the NEA “earns” more than $400,000!!

At $410,133/year salary John Wilson “earns almost as much as President Obama ($450,000/year).  Seriously??  Do you think he is overpaid??