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Obama, the BLS, and October’s Unemployment Rate…

October 29, 2012

If you have not seen my previous posts and my ranting against the Propaganda Machine, that is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the BLS) then check my archives.

I would have started this post out….And now for some “Monday Morning Humor”…..but this is NOT funny!!!

Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal:

Labor Department Says No Decision Yet on Whether to Delay Jobs Report

The Labor Department said Monday that it has yet to make a decision on whether to delay Friday’s closely-watched October employment report due to the effects from Hurricane Sandy.

Let me just say that, ANY “DELAY” in reporting the numbers, will have NOTHING TO DO WITH HURRICANE SANDY!!!  Or to put it another way, Hurricane Sandy will be JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR A DELAY in the reporting of unemployment numbers, as THE ANTI-MUSLIM FILM WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MASSACRE IN BENGHAZI!!!


I cannot find ONE instance where this reporting HAS EVER BEEN DELAYED.  IF they delay the reporting of these numbers, the people responsible will NEED TO BE FIRED AT A MINIMUM.  I’m not joking when I say these people should be tried for TREASON!!!



Now I want to highlight what I said last December:

Now for some cynicism.  I keep hearing the Democrats argue that they “want” an extension of the “extended unemployment benefits” and saying that the Republicans are fighting to let them expire unless we can “tax the rich more”.  Here is my view of the situation.  The Republicans are in a no-win situation, because the Democrats are going to let them expire, no matter what the Republicans offer.  Here is why.  IF the benefits expire, then everyone that is unemployed for more 9 months (I believe this is what the law will revert to, if I am incorrect please leave a comment), instead of the current temporary 99 weeks (which is just short of 2 years) will NO LONGER BE COUNTED IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE.  IF this happens, the Unemployment Rate will have a sudden drop from the current 9+% rate.  This will make the numbers “look” like they improved, so President Obama can claim to be improving the economy.  He will get on TV everyday and say that he brought the unemployment rate down from 9+% (it was over 9% thanks to President Bush and the Republicans) to x%, and that is why he ”deserves” to remain President.  It would have come down sooner except the Republicans in Congress stopped him from helping out sooner.”

The question is: Will the “unemployment rate” dip below 8%??  If it does, this is ALL you will see on any television.

Obama and Campaign Finance…

October 26, 2012

And now some Thursday morning humor.

Today we have an Article from the Daily Caller, mentioning an interview of President Obama, on Air Force One, where he said:

Obama suggested he would use a second term — when he can’t run again — to impose limits on other politicians’ spending.”

This, coming from the President who first said he would abide by the limits of campaign funding by accepting the federal match, before he threw that promise out the window and SPENT $740 MILLION in 2008 getting elected President!!!

“I continue to believe that,” said Obama, who has raised roughly $1.5 billion over his 16-year political career. In 2008, he declined to limit his spending in exchange for federal campaign funds, and raised enough funds to outspend his 2008 rival, $740 million to $227 million.”

Now that the Republicans have MATCHED HIS SPENDING…..AND HE IS GOING TO LOSE, he wants to limit campaign spending.

“…his 2012 rival, Romney, has raised $472 million for the race…

I will stipulate that “outside groups” are spending $500 million for the Republicans, that is not included in this number.

“…Obama and his allies have raised $1 billion for the 2012 campaign, according to a calculation by Politico

This seems to be another case of Obama’s “fuzzy math”, or his grade school “if I can’t beat you by the rules, I’ll take my ball home!!”
Oh, the IRONY!!!

Bankruptcy, Bonuses and Obama…

October 24, 2012

And now for some Wednesday morning humor…

Does everyone remember when the Thieves Bankers wanted bonuses after getting bailed out by the American Taxpayer??

Obama Calls Wall Street Bonuses ‘Shameful’” – NY Times

President Obama branded Wall Street bankers “shameful on Thursday for giving themselves nearly $20 billion in bonuses as the economy was deteriorating and the government was spending billions to bail out some of the nation’s most prominent financial institutions.”

And now we get to today:

A123 Systems Wants to Pay Bonuses to Top Executives” – Dow Jones

Who is A123 Systems you ask?

A123 Systems Inc., the electric car battery maker that filed for Chapter 11 last week after receiving nearly $250 million in government grants, wants to pay more than $4 million in bonuses to a handful of top executives..”

A123 Systems is one of Obama Cronies that He gave $250 MILLION of OUR Dollars to, that has not made ANY money producing an electric battery, one of Obama’s wet dreams.  And now they want to give Obama’s Cronies, that ran this slush fund “company”, $4 MILLION in BONUSES??

I thought you should get a “BONUS” if you are profitable and actually provide a good or service that others want to pay you for???  NOT for getting a GRANT FROM OBAMA to do NOTHING productive!!!

These people BELONG IN JAIL as the FRAUDS that they are!! 

What say you now, Mr President??

Obama and the Chevy Volt…

October 23, 2012

And now for some Tuesday morning humor…

I’m sure everyone has heard about the electric vehicle made by Government Motors (GM), that is supposed to compete with the Toyota Prius, called the Chevy Volt.  (Disclosure: I have owned two Prius and would buy again)

Well, today we get news:

Software glitch could strand Chevy Volt drivers!!!” – FoxNews

That sounds bad…

Chevrolet is initiating a “customer satisfaction” program to fix a computer glitch that can cause the plug-in hybrid car’s electric motor to shut down while the vehicle is in motion.”

Yep, it’s bad!!  Well, how bad could it be, how many are affected?

Up to 4,000 2013 model year Volts may be affected by the problem.”

Really??  ONLY “up to 4,000”??  That is not so bad.  What???  How many have been sold, you ask?  I have not found an exact number yet, but I have been able to piece some info together:

On June 7, 2012, Edmund’s Inside Line had an article talking about the pricing of the 2013 Volt:

The 2013 Volt goes on sale in August

OK, that is a start.  Sales of the 2013 Chevy Volt begin in August

Inside EV’s has a headline:

Best Sales Month Ever For Volt, Over 2,500 Sold In August.”

2,500!!!  In the month of August!!!  ROFLMAO!!!  And this is a RECORD!!! 

But, this includes 2012 and 2013 models.  So, it is safe to assume that LESS than 2,500 2013 Volt’s were sold in August.  It is now October.  They did NOT say that September was a new record, so, it is safe to assume that LESS than 2,500 2013 Volt’s were sold in September.  I hope you can see where this is going.

So just to sum up the article:  ALL of the 2013 Volt’s, that have been sold, “may be” affected by the software glitch!! 

Thanks Obama, you are doing about as good a job running Government Motors, as you are running the country!!!

Elena Kagan and the Supreme Court…

October 22, 2012

And now for some Monday morning humor….

Elena Kagan had a “conversation” with UT Law Dean Doug Blaze at the University of Tennessee on Friday October 19th, 2012.

Here is an article from the Daily Caller.

And here is the quote from the “conversation”, or UNDERSTATEMENT OF THE CENTURY, that had me rolling on the floor, laughing my a$$ off!!!

I’m not sure that I would have been President Obama’s nominee if I weren’t a woman and if he wasn’t as committed as he was to ensuring that there was diversity on the Supreme Court.”

Ya think???

P.S. But in all seriousness, if she is not sure, do you think she is still smart enough to be a Supreme Court Justice??  Just asking.

BLS and the Weekly Unemplyment number…

October 19, 2012

I am sure that everyone has heard about the ABSOLUTE PROPAGANDA from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) that occurred last week.

If you have not:

U.S. jobless rate tumbles to near four-year low” – CNBC

US unemployment below 8 pct, first time since 2009” – CNBC

Here are some quotes from the articles:

The U.S. unemployment rate unexpectedly dropped to 7.8 percent in September and reached its lowest level since President Barack Obama took office, providing a boost to his re-election bid.”


The U.S. unemployment rate dropped below 8 percent for the first time since the month President Barack Obama took office, a surprising lift for both the economy and his re-election hopes in the final weeks of the campaign.”

First let me say, YES it was unexpected!!!!!!  It was UNEXPECTED because it was NOT TRUE!!!!  Many people called BS on the numbers but ALL of the Obama surrogates claimed that it was a “good number”.  ALL of the MSM printed articles with headlines proclaiming that everything must be getting better because look at the unemployment numbers.  That is until some well-known people started questioning the numbers.  Then the BLS said that one state did not report its numbers.  Huh???  This number is reported EVERY week!!!  There was nothing new last week!!!  Oh wait…this was the LAST MONTHLY JOBS REPORT THAT WOULD MATTER BEFORE THE ELECTION!!!  So, let me see… state did not report its numbers….the number was THE BEST IN ALMOST 4 YEARS….It brought the “unemployment rate” down below 8% FOR THE FIRST TIME UNDER PRESIDENT OBAMA…..and we are just supposed to ACCEPT THE PROPAGANDA???

The October jobs report comes out Nov. 2, four days before the election, so Friday’s report provided one of the final snapshots of the economy as undecided voters make up their minds.”

Now we get to this week:

Weekly Jobless Claims Drop Proves to Be Short-Lived” – CNBC

Weekly applications for U.S. unemployment benefits jumped 46,000 last week to a seasonally adjusted 388,000, the highest in four months

If you average the two weeks, you get an INCREASE in applications of 8,000 per week (46,000 more minus 30,000 less divide by 2 weeks) NOT INCLUDING ADJUSTMENTS, which are ALREADY 3,000 MORE for last week and I will bet anyone that this weeks will be revised higher as well.  Any takers??  So let me repeat, THERE WAS NO MIRACULOUS RECOVERY LAST WEEK THAT BROUGHT THE REAL UNEMPLOYMENT RATE DOWN BELOW 8%.  Anyone that believes these numbers is delusional!!!

What state could have messed this up so bad??  Last week, it was speculated that the state was California.  California denied it.  This week the BLS CONFIRMS THAT IT WAS CALIFORNIA!!  No big deal you say??  What if the “Official” that is in charge of reporting the numbers DONATES THE MAXIMUM AMOUNT TO OBAMA??

Calif. official whose agency under-reported unemployment stats was Obama campaign donor” – The Daily Caller (PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE)

On Oct. 11, the federal government reported that weekly jobless claims were down significantly, suggesting a dramatic national increase in economic growth and a steep decline in layoffs.

The good news for the Obama administration spread quickly, with outlets like CNN and Bloomberg declaring, “Jobless claims fall to four-year low.”

But within hours, the Bureau of Labor Statistics and Labor Department analysts announced that one major state had failed to fully document jobless claims. They declined to name the state.”

Speculation among market watchers and economists initially focused on California, but the state’s Employment Development Department strongly denied that it had failed to properly document the data.

“Reports that California failed to fully report data to the U.S. Department of Labor, as required, are incorrect and irresponsible,” California Employment Development Department director Pam Harris said in a statement last week. “The California Employment Development Department, which administers the Unemployment Insurance (UI) program in the state, has reported all UI claims data and submitted the data on time.”

Early Thursday, the federal government finally revealed that California had, in fact, under-reported jobless data, skewing the national jobless claims results.”

According to campaign disclosure records, Morgenstern donated $4,600 — the maximum amount allowed by law — to the 2008 Obama campaign, beginning with a $1,000 contribution to Obama for America in February 2008. Morgenstern followed up that donation with a $1,300 contribution in June, and then a $2,300 payout in early September.”

Say whatever you want about “conspiracy theories”, sometimes STUPID PEOPLE TRY TO DO STUPID THINGS!!!  I cannot remember ANY WEEK WHERE A STATE HAS MISSED THE DEADLINE!!  It just so happens that the one week where it would help Obama, it happens.  Bull Sh*&!!!!

These people belong in prison for TREASON!!!  All of their pensions should be confiscated!!!  If there are no consequences to STEALING elections, the mischief will continue!!

California Gas Prices, Governor Brown, Obama and EnvironMENTALists……

October 9, 2012

Oh the IRONY!!!

Does ANYONE in California understand yet??  How about EnvironMENTALists??  How about the average Jane or Joe??

This would be hilarious, if it were not so SERIOUS!!  I wish that Saturday Night Live would do a skit on this.  Oh, who am I kidding, the liberals that write for SNL could not fathom the humor in this situation!! 

Let me break it down for you.  Apparently there has been a problem at an oil refinery in California.  The type gasoline, that the California Government DEMANDS to be used, is unavailable from other sources, because they have switched for the upcoming “winter” driving season.  Since, there is a LIMITED supply of this gasoline, gas stations cannot get all that they want.  Since many gas stations understand that if they do NOT have gas to sell, most of their customers will NOT stop to buy something else, they are willing to pay for the gasoline that they can get.  Some gas stations were caught, and could not resell the gasoline for a profit.  Now that there is a “shortage”, the price of this “super special, must be demanded” gasoline has greatly increased.  Side note:  California, welcome to the free market and capitalism.  Governor Brown realizes that ALL of his constituents are UNHAPPY with the price they must pay for gasoline, so he is, now, attempting to control the price, because if he does not, he will be thrown from office.  What does he do you ask??  He wants to ELIMINATE the GOVERNMENT REGULATION that is restricting the free flow of gasoline.  The following are just a few articles about the situation:

Gov. Brown takes emergency action to try to reduce gas prices” – L A Times

“He directed the California Air Resources Board to increase the fuel supply by allowing the immediate sale and import of cheaper and more available winter-blend gasoline.”

California Moves to Reduce Gas Prices” – NY Times

“Mr. Brown directed the California Air Resources Board to take emergency steps to increase the supply of fuel in the state and allow refineries to immediately switch to a winter blend of gasoline that is typically not sold until November.”

Gov. Brown steps in to reduce record Calif. gas prices” – USA Today

“The Sacramento Bee reports that the governor’s move on Sunday follows a request by the California Independent Oil Marketers Association for permission to produce winter-blend fuel before the typical switch-over date of Oct. 31.”

And Finally – “Gov. Brown Takes Action To Reduce California Gas Prices” – CBS San Fransisco

“Sunday evening, in response to the governor’s order, the California Air Resources Board announced that it will allow the manufacture, importation, distribution and sale of the winter-grade gasoline.”

I also heard on the radio that the “winter blend” should NOT “harm” the environment too much if they start using it now instead of November 1st.  Where is the OUTCRY from the environMENTALists??

Do you get it yet??  The environMENTALists KNOW this is a loser!!  They are NOT going to say a thing!!

I just have a few questions.

1.  Do the people of California understand that THEIR government deems it to be ok that the people of California pay MORE for gasoline during the summer months??  Do the people of California know how much more??  Have the people of California decided that the EXTRA cost is worth the “incremental”, if at all, “betterment” of the environment?  Do the people of California understand that this is, essentially, a TAX??  Do the people of California understand that it is the GOVERNMENT and NOT the “Evil Oil Companies” that have increased the cost of THEIR gasoline??

2.  Do the people of California understand that the politicians, overwhelmingly Democrats, can at a moments notice CHANGE OR OVER RULE their Laws, without a VOTE, by “direction”, because the politician does not like the unintended consequences??  I would like to use a quote again, Mr. Brown directed the California Air Resources Board to take emergency steps to increase the supply of fuel in the state and allow refineries to immediately switch to a winter blend of gasoline…”.  Who is the California Air Resources Board??  Are they elected??  Do they represent the people of California??  Why do they get to ALLOW anything??  Why does Governor Brown get to DIRECT them??  Why has he not DIRECTED them before??  Californians pay one of the HIGHEST prices for gasoline in the Continental USA. 

3.  If it will not harm the environment to start using the “winter blend” one month early, WHY not do this EVERY year when it will SAVE money for the people of California??  If it will NOT harm the environment for one month, how about another month?? A week??  A day??  Just a quick calculation: 16 Billion gallons of gasoline are sold in California every year /12 months = 1.3 BILLION gallons.  If the price of gas goes down only 10 cents, that would equal $130 MILLION/month, that the people of California would be able to spend on something, anything, else. (“The move would reduce the price of gas in California by 15 to 20 cents per gallon, probably within a few days, said energy expert Chris Faulkner of Dallas-based Breitling Oil and Gas.”).  At 20 cents per gallon, that equals $260 MILLION.  If it is 6 months, that equals MORE than $1.5 BILLION/year.  Or as politicians like to say, more than $31 BILLION over 20 years!!!  Of course, that assumes that there will be NO INFLATION also, and we all know how likely that is.  So, the number is likely to be MUCH LARGER!!  To quote Vice President Je “the new sheriff in town” Biden, “Tha’s a big fu***** deal!!”

4.  Do the people of California realize that if the environMENTALists are not willing to stand up and fight for “whatever, fill in the blank” now, that perhaps, they know they have over reached and that their position is INDEFENSIBLE??

Let me know what you think.