Bankruptcy, Bonuses and Obama…

And now for some Wednesday morning humor…

Does everyone remember when the Thieves Bankers wanted bonuses after getting bailed out by the American Taxpayer??

Obama Calls Wall Street Bonuses ‘Shameful’” – NY Times

President Obama branded Wall Street bankers “shameful on Thursday for giving themselves nearly $20 billion in bonuses as the economy was deteriorating and the government was spending billions to bail out some of the nation’s most prominent financial institutions.”

And now we get to today:

A123 Systems Wants to Pay Bonuses to Top Executives” – Dow Jones

Who is A123 Systems you ask?

A123 Systems Inc., the electric car battery maker that filed for Chapter 11 last week after receiving nearly $250 million in government grants, wants to pay more than $4 million in bonuses to a handful of top executives..”

A123 Systems is one of Obama Cronies that He gave $250 MILLION of OUR Dollars to, that has not made ANY money producing an electric battery, one of Obama’s wet dreams.  And now they want to give Obama’s Cronies, that ran this slush fund “company”, $4 MILLION in BONUSES??

I thought you should get a “BONUS” if you are profitable and actually provide a good or service that others want to pay you for???  NOT for getting a GRANT FROM OBAMA to do NOTHING productive!!!

These people BELONG IN JAIL as the FRAUDS that they are!! 

What say you now, Mr President??

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