How much do you pay in TAXES???

Three and a half years ago we wrote a post titled, “How much do YOU pay in taxes??“.  In that post, we attempted to explain the amount of TAXES that Americans pay to the government, in one form or another.  We have also posted, very brief, discussions of “Pass Through Taxes” and “Taxes on Dividends“.  I have not done an in depth study of these subjects, because I still need to pay the bills and do not have the time, but suffice to say that EVERYTHING that I have seen on these subjects supports my assertions.

Today, I was excited to read another article that is along the same lines as our original post on Taxes.

Maryland Woman Has Kept Track of Every Tax on Her In 2012 — and You’re Not Going to Believe How Much She’s Paid So Far” – from The Blaze

“This is 27 percent of mine and my husbands combined income,…”

And today is the first of November!!  She has AT LEAST two more months!!!

In looking through our original post we concluded that someone, making what she does, in Maryland pays AT LEAST 39%!!!  We also said that this is a conservative estimate.  Meaning it is probably higher than this.  By her calculations, she thinks that she will be paying just over 30% for 2012.  In looking at her calculations, I think she has left some taxes/fees/etc. out of her calculation.  #1)  I do not see where she has paid any taxes or fees for an automobile, this could easily add 1%.  #2)  She has not included the employer match for her payroll taxes, this is over 7%.  These two items will get her close to 39%.  Finally, she did not include any pass through taxes.  To be fair, we did not include these either, but I feel this easily pushes her above 50% paid to the government.

I am glad that others are writing about this subject.  We need everyone to understand HOW MUCH THEY PAY IN TAXES!!!


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