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Wednesday Morning Humor…

April 24, 2013

This would be funny….if it were not so serious!!!

First a quote from The One, our President, Barack Obama, concerning the Boston Marathon bombers:

“There’s a temptation to latch on to any bit of information, sometimes to jump to conclusions,” Obama warned during his 10:05 p.m. EST speech from the White House.

“But when a tragedy like this happens … it’s important that we do this right,” he claimed.

“That’s why we have investigations … That’s why we have courts.  And that’s why we take care not to rush to judgment — not about the motivations of these individuals; certainly not about entire groups of people,” Obama insisted.” – The Daily Caller

Got that??  We DO NOT “rush to judgement”!!!  We DO NOT “jump to conclusions”!!!  Everyone with me so far??

This is also the same man who said:

I don’t know, not having been there and not seeing all the facts, what role race played,” Obama said Wednesday night while taking questions after a White House news conference.

“But I think it’s fair to say, No. 1, any of us would be pretty angry; No. 2, that the Cambridge police acted stupidly in arresting somebody when there was already proof that they were in their own home; and, No. 3 … that there’s a long history in this country of African-Americans and Latinos being stopped by law enforcement disproportionately.”” – CNN

Mr. President, that sure does look like you “jumped to a conclusion”.  You said yourself that you were NOT THERE and had NOT SEEN ALL THE FACTS!!!  I am not sure but, if you have not seen all the facts, how could you say that the “police acted stupidly”??


If I had a son, he would look like Trayvon.” – CNN

Mr. President, that sure looks like another “jump”.  I mean you are trying to imply that Trayvon must be innocent and that he could have done nothing wrong.  I do not know, I was not there.  But, you were not there either.  How could you know??  Mr. President, IF Zimmerman is found NOT GUILTY, does that mean “YOUR SON” would look like a common street thug??

So which is it Mr. President??  Should we jump to conclusions or not, by YOUR ACTIONS it is difficult to know what you are saying!!!

Don’t Worry, You Do Not Need Firearms For Protection…

April 23, 2013

Don’t Worry about the assaults on the Second Amendment.  YOU do NOT need a firearm for anything!!!  The Police will “protect” you…

You know….the POLICE!!!  The ones that are a few steps behind the Federal Bureau of Investigation when it comes to “intelligence”…

Does that make you feel better??  Do you feel that the “police”, the FBI, or anyone, BUT YOU, can protect YOU from harm??  Come on, there are HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of police, FBI, etc., they should be able to handle it, right??

First, I want to explain, that I AM NOT disparaging the hard-working police or FBI in the United States of America.  A very LARGE majority of those folks are honest, hard-working, and want to do the right thing.  What I want to say is, that the job that they have been assigned is IMPOSSIBLE against a determined, motivated, or just plain EVIL set of individuals that are set to cause harm.

Let me illustrate my point.  Here is an Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal concerning the Boston Marathon bombing:

Make No Mistake, It Was Jihad

And here is the quote that SHOULD BE OF CONCERN TO EVERY AMERICAN:

Tamerlan Tsarnaev is the fifth person since 9/11 who has participated in terror attacks after questioning by the FBI.

Go ahead and read that AGAIN!!!  This is the FIFTH time that the FBI has HAD the person that was going to commit an attack, that they LET GO

Our system, of rights and freedoms, do not allow them to detain people of interest.  I do not want those rights or freedoms TAKEN AWAY!!  I understand that we have made their job impossible, and that is OK with me.  Our founders were very smart, and put a great deal of thought into our founding documents.  They came from a place that had ABUSED those God given rights and freedoms, and attempted to avoid the pitfalls.  We all need to be vigilant.  We need to protect ourselves, our rights and our freedoms.  If we do not, NOBODY WILL.

I have heard that many attacks have been thwarted by the hard-working folks in the intelligence communities, with lots of cooperation across international boundaries.  For that I am thankful.  They have MISSED AT LEAST FIVE, that they QUESTIONED!!!  How many have they not questioned??  They CANNOT stop all of them…

This does NOT INCLUDE the gangs that are running in many US cities, the assaults that happen by the minute, or any number of other “violent CRIMES” that occur DAILY.  Their job to prevent crime, is IMPOSSIBLE.

So back to my original statement:

YOU do NOT need a firearm for anything!!!  The Police will “protect” you be there to investigate the crime and will notify your next of kin, if there are any left alive.

When seconds count, the police are minutes away…

Finally some GOOD news from the “sequester”…

April 22, 2013

I know we have all been “trained” by the media and President Obama to think “bad things” will come from the “sequester”, BUT I finally have some good GREAT NEWS!!! 

First, everyone should KNOW that President Obama is trying to inflict as much “pain” on the American public, so that we scream “no more cuts”. (Washington Times)

at least one agency has been instructed to make sure the cuts are as painful as President Obama promised they would be.

Well, I’m sorry Mister President, I do not think that the “cuts”, which are NOT really CUTS (Forbes or US News), are enough!!  We NEED MORE REAL CUTS!!!

But, I have FINALLY seen some good come from the “sequester”…

IRS Will Close To Public For Five Days Due to Furloughs” – Bloomberg

Only 360 more days to eliminate, and then the IRS will “work” just as much as they need to…

Monday afternoon stupidity…

April 15, 2013

I would have said humor, BUT there is absolutely nothing funny about the BOMBS at the Boston Marathon.

But, then we get this stupidity from Wolf Blitzer, a “reporter” from CNN…

Wolf Blitzer speculates on a potential link between Boston Marathon explosions, Patriots Day” – The Daily Caller

“One intriguing notion, one intriguing thought here, and I’m curious, Mike, and I’ll ask Matt to weigh in as well,” Blitzer said. “It is a state holiday, in addition to the Boston Marathon. It is a state holiday in Massachusetts today called Patriots Day, and who knows if that has anything at all to deal — to do with these, these twin explosions.”

Because EVERYONE know that “patriots” do this kid of thing!!???  Don’t they?? /sarc off

What a complete MORON!!!

Hey Wolf, did you know that today is also TAX DAY???  You know, the most visible day of the Gubmint sticking it to us middle class AMERICANS??  Just sayin’…

Friday Morning Humor…..or NOT!!!!

April 12, 2013

This would be funny……on Saturday Night Live as a skit.  But, coming from the Secretary of State, and the most upper levels of our current government this is truly astonishing!!!  Not to mention that these two quotes came out ON THE SAME DAY!!!  First a little background:

First from the “esteemed” New York Times in February 2013:

North Korea Confirms It Conducted 3rd Nuclear Test

North Korea confirmed on Tuesday that it had conducted its third, long-threatened nuclear test, according to the official KCNA news service…”

Many nations initially detected the test as seismic activity centered near the same location where the North conducted tests in 2006 and 2009. The United States Geological Survey said it was only a kilometer underground, an indication consistent with a nuclear blast. And in Vienna, the organization that monitors the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty said that tremor had “clear explosionlike characteristics.” 

“The United Nations secretary-general Ban Ki-moon, condemned the test in a statement Tuesday.”

Got it?  The North Koreans HAVE ALREADY tested Nuclear Wepons THREE TIMES, and this has been commented on by MANY NATIONS.  Including nations that are not necessarily an ally of the United States.  The North Koreans have CONFIRMED this.

Can we all agree that the North Koreans ALREADY have nuclear weapons?? 

They may not be as small, powerful, shiny, fast, deliverable, reliable, etc. as the ones in the Unted States, Russia, India, Pakistan, or anyone else that I have missed.  But they have NUCLEAR WEAPONS, and they are working on them to make them better, more dangerous.

Now we get this first “errant” quote from a United States Representative that has access to “secret reports”:

“Obama administration officials scrambled to downplay the errant disclosure of a classified portion of an intelligence report finding that North Korea has advanced its nuclear knowledge to the point that it could arm a ballistic missile with a nuclear warhead

The analysis, disclosed Thursday at a hearing on Capitol Hill, says the Pentagon’s intelligence wing has “moderate confidence” that North Korea has nuclear weapons capable of delivery by ballistic missiles but that the weapon was unreliable.”Fox News

Got it??  There is enough evidence to suggest that there is a reasonable probability that the North Koreans are able to put there nuclear wepons on ballistic missiles.  It may not be true.  BUT, if they do not have it yet, they are close enough for “government work”.  Just because “Obama is trying to downplay the report”, do you BELIEVE HIM??  If you do I have an NATIONAL HEALTHCARE SYSTEM THAT WILL COVER EVERYONE AND NOT RAISE TAXES ONE DIME, to sell you.

Now we get to the exciting part…

U.S. tells N.Korea new missile launch would be “huge mistake”” – Yahoo/Reuters

and the quote that gets my blood boiling, and proves that the current Secretary of State, John “I like to slander American Soldiers” Kerry, believes we are complete idiots…

“U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry warned North Korea on Friday it would be a “huge mistake” to launch a medium-range missile and said the United States would never accept the reclusive country as a nuclear power.”


Never accept???

Uh, John, you are a little late!!!  THEY ARE ALREADY A NUCLEAR POWER!!!  That happened under the previous moron Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, and the current President, Barack Obama, who lets Americans get killed in Benghazi without any attempts at rescue or retaliation, and the previous President, George W. Bush!!!

Hey John, what are you and Barack going to do about it???