How did Attorney Holder RECUSE himself??

Time for some Thursday Morning Humor…..OK, it is NOT really funny….Do “they” really expect us to BELIVE this CRAP???

Yesterday I posted this:

“Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday said he recused himself last year from a national security leak probe in which prosecutors obtained the phone records of Associated Press journalists.”

Well, isn’t that convenient??

And SOMETIMES our Congress people ask really good questions:

While we know Holder has recused himself from the case, Bachus’ questions reveal that apparently Holder doesn’t know when exactly he did so.

On what date did you recuse yourself?” Bachus asked.

I’m not sure, I think it was towards the beginning of the matter,” Holder responded.

“Isn’t that sort of an unacceptable procedure?  The statue says that the attorney general shall approve the subpoena.  There was no memorandum, no email — when you recused yourself, was it in writing, was it orally?  Did you tell someone, did you alert the White House?” Bachus probed.

“I would’ve told the deputy attorney general,” Holder replied, though he said there would be no record of it in writing.” – The Blaze

So now we are just supposed to take the LIARS word for it??  Are you kidding me??

What a FARCE!!!  Holder belongs in JAIL!!!

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