The STUPIDITY of the Bureaucrats!!!

No, this post is not about the new Debt Cieling Deal…..I will not throw my two cents on that decision at this time.

This post is about the TRAMPLING of OUR First Amendment Rights.

For this post lets go back to the beautiful, if misguided, state of California.

It seems that a school gave a choice to some students.  On May 5th, which is known as Cinco de Mayo south of the border in Mexico, some students, in California, which also happens to be part of THE United States of America, wore American Flag T-shirts.  Theye were told they could change shirts or go home, because it was “being disruptive”.  OK, so I understand that most reasons to have a party are good reasons.  This one is especially close to me, because who doesn’t like to have a reason to partake of some chips and salsa, margheritas or Mexican beer?  With that being said, this is STILL THE United States of America, and ANYONE should be able to wear an American Flag T-shirt, on ANY day that they want.   The following is an article for Fox News:

Appeals court to consider Calif. school’s Cinco de Mayo American flag ban

Unpleasant verbal exchanges and altercations marked the previous year’s Cinco de Mayo celebrations at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, 20 miles south of San Jose. So when students told administrators that trouble was a possibility because of the American flag attire, the students were ordered to turn their shirts inside out or go home.

Trouble was a possibility??

Here is my suggestion to the “administrators” and “bureaucrats” that even considered this “solution””

1.  Read AND UNDERSTAND the Constitution of THE United States of America, including THE Bill of RIGHTS

2.  DO NOT EVER consider trampling on these RIGHTS

3.  If someone is BEING VIOLENT or THREATENING VIOLENCE, PUNISH them BECAUSE THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW, not the person who is expressing an opinion that they deem unacceptable enough to warrant violence!!!

4.  If you CANNOT or WILL NOT do YOUR JOBS while adhering to the Constitution and/or the Bill of Rights, then I suggest you find another job.  One that does not require you to accept ANY responsibilty, as true American’s feel that you have character flaws that prevent you from performing any job that requires responsibility.

Seriously!!!  Because there is a possibility of violence, we are going to remove, NOT the person or persons threatening violence, but we are going to remove someone expressing a peaceful opinion???

These “administrators” are STUPID!!!

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