The Washington Redskins…

Have you heard that there is pressure on the Washington Redskins football team to change their name because it is “offensive” to some?  Including from our President, Barack Obama?

Obama thinks the Redskins should think about changing their name.” – Washington Post

Really??  No, I mean, seriously??

Just so I get this straight, people are DEMANDING that the Redskins quit calling THEMSELVES the Redskins?  They are NOT DISPARAGING THEMSELVES!!!  They are not going into the stadium on Sundays and calling their fans a (disparaging) Redskin.  That is THEIR NAME!!  Personally, I am part Native American, and I not only do NOT find it disparaging, I think is is an HONOR that they are representing Native Americans.

So let me ask a few questions.

Are we going to DEMAND that entities change their name if ANYONE finds it “offensive“?

Why is this name, the Washington Redskins, so special??  Why is no one talking about the Fighting Souix?

If your answer to the first question even provoes a thought of any level of acceptance or affirmation, then I want you to change the name of the New York Yankees.  Yankee is used in the south as a derogetory name, and I am deeply offended.

While we are at it, how come there are African Americans that are allowed to call themselves niggers??  I am deeply offended!!!  That should be outlawed.

And lastly, I do not want to forget the name/title that most offends me….

PRESIDENT Barack Obama…I demand that he change his name because I am deeply offended….

My suggestion….LIAR Barack Obama.

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