The LIARS at the Census Bureau!!!

Well, it seems that people are finally starting to notice, hopefully the lights will be turned up so we can see all th COCKRAOCHES run away.

It has been more that a year since I started trying to shine the light on the Government Propoganda Machine.  I have posts here, here, here, here and here, with many more links in these posts. Now I read an article from the New York Post:

Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report

The decline — from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September — might not have been all it seemed. The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.”

And anyone that did not see this coming needs to go back and read my posts.  It was blindingly obvious that the Obama Administration, WAS, IS and WILL CONTINUE, to publish propoganda.  In fact, if you read other links in my posts, I stated in December of 2011 what was going to happen in the reporting.

Don’t ever say you weren’t told…

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