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This would be HILARIOUS if it weren’t true!!!!  The Bureau of Government Propaganda Labor “Statistics” (and I use the word “statistics” very loosely) has been telling lies for so long that they cannot keep the numbers in line anymore!!!  I have been saying for YEARS that the crap coming from the BLS, is a LIE to the American Public.  Let me give an example, USING THEIR OWN NUMBERS:

I am sure that everyone has heard how Obama has been doing such a great job that the “unemployment number” has been dropping for years.  Yeahhhhhhh……wooohhoooooo…everyone is happy and there was much rejoicing…/sarc off

Well let’s just dive into the Labor Propaganda Departments PUBLISHED NUMBERS.

First, Lets look at the employment numbers for the last year, this comes straight from their website (these are in thousands of people):

Adjusted (however they do the magic that they do)    

2012-06-01  155149                                                                  
2012-07-01  154995                                                                  
2012-08-01  154647                                                                  
2012-09-01  155056                                                                  
2012-10-01  155576                                                                  
2012-11-01  155319                                                                  
2012-12-01  155511                                                                    
2013-01-01  155654                                                                   
2013-02-01  155524                                                                   
2013-03-01  155028                                                                   
2013-04-01  155238                                                                   
2013-05-01  155658                                                                   
2013-06-01  155835                                                                   
2013-07-01  155798                                                                   
2013-08-01  155486                                                                   
2013-09-01  155559                                                                   
2013-10-01  154839                                                                  
2013-11-01  155294 


2012-06-01  156385
2012-07-01  156526
2012-08-01  155255
2012-09-01  155075
2012-10-01  155779
2012-11-01  154953
2012-12-01  154904
2013-01-01  154794
2013-02-01  154727
2013-03-01  154512
2013-04-01  154739
2013-05-01  155734
2013-06-01  157089
2013-07-01  157196
2013-08-01  155971
2013-09-01  155536
2013-10-01  154918
2013-11-01  155046

This is the number of JOBS in the United States of America, meaning this is the WORKING POPULATION number, and I don’t care which column you look at.  Let’s examine the numbers and think about what they are saying.  I’ll do the example using the “adjusted” numbers so you can follow along.

In November of this year, 2013, there were 155,294,000 people working.  Which is MORE than October of this year by 455,000 JOBS…..HUH??  But the BLS said last friday that there were “total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 203,000“….OK, WHATEVER???  I don’t care what they say…

Let’s keep going back further…for some reason March and April of this year also had lower total jobs, BUT we have to go back all the way to SEPTEMBER of 2012 to have a consistently SMALLER total jobs number!!!  Think about that.  There were MORE PEOPLE WORKING EVERY MONTH, for almost the entire previous 14 MONTHS, than worked last month. Do you think the unemployment rate should be decreasing??  The unadjusted numbers are even WORSE!!!

Let’s think about this number a little more….Last month there were 155,294,000 people in the USA that had a JOB, in October of 2012 there were 155,576,000 people in the USA that had a job.  Let’s call those 2 numbers equal, just for argument’s sake.  In 13 months, in the United States of America, do you think the absolute population of working people, these are people who would work if they could, went up down or stayed the same?  Hummmm, let’s see, what could have happened in those 13 months…..wait I got it….ALL of the High Schools and ALL of the Universities, Colleges, Trade Schools, etc would have had GRADUATIONS!!!  Some people would have retired and since they have done so well, they are lying on a beach somewhere sipping some alcoholic beverage, but the retirees do not offset the new entrants.  It is estimated that 16-20 million people entered the work force over those 13 months.  Let’s say the estimates are way off and the working population only increased by 10 million (or 5 million the real number doesn’t matter to me right now, so long as we agree that it is a large number over a few million), now do you think the unemployment rate should be decreasing like the Government is telling us and most of the MSM is parroting???  IF the increase is ONLY 3 Million new people looking for a new job, that would INCREASE the unemployment rate by about 2% (3,000,000/155,000,000).  It is all a LIE!!!!

We have not even talked about the quality of the jobs that “have been created”.  I’m not going to go into that right now but there are estimates that greater than 50% of all the “new jobs that have been created” are part-time.

This is just a SICK JOKE and President Obama is the one telling it!!!!

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