Another CLUELESS Democrat!!!!

This comes from the Great State of Colorado.  I hope you have heard that last year, the Democrats that hold majorities in the State Government as well as The Governor, UNILATERALLY (this means with NO support of the Republicans, and when I say NO support I mean ZERO) passed legislation that outlawed gun magazines that hold more than 15 bullets, as well as other probably UNCONSTITUTIONAL provisions.  This legislation resulted in the historic recall of 2 representatives and the resignation of a third that would have been recalled.  This was “historic” because it has NEVER happened in the history of the state of Colorado.

Earlier this week, the Governor, Mr. Hickenlooper, was attempting to apologize, while not really apologizing, to the State Sheriffs for NOT listening to ANY of their CONCERNS before he signed the bill into law.  Here is an article from Red State about this meeting.  I am sure that you can find video if you don’t trust their reporting, News 4, which is decidedly LIBERAL is covering this as well, a link is the article.  Here is the quote that I would like to comment on:

One of my staff made a committment that we’d sign it if it got passed. To be honest, no one in our office thought it would get through the legislature.”


One of YOUR staff???

First of all Mr. HickenLOSER Hickenlooper WE did not elect YOUR STAFF, WE elected YOU to be the Governor and make decisions.  When I say “we”, I don’t mean me because I voted for the other guy, but I mean we the citizens of Colorado.

Second, YOU hired YOUR staff.  This means that YOU are ultimately responsible.  When did YOU give YOUR staff authority to make commitments for YOU and the State of Colorado??  Is that even LEGAL??

Third, what other “commitments” has YOUR staff made??

Forth, when you say “we’d sign”, what does that mean??  I didn’t see any other signature, except YOURS.  YOU SIGNED IT….NO ONE ELSE.

Fifth, IF “no one in your office thought it would get through”, why were you working so hard with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, to get it passed??

Sixth, WHY did you think it would not get through, IF you were “unaware” that it would be so “controversial”??

From me to you, Mr. Hickenlooper, YOU ARE AN IDIOT OR A LIAR, and these statements are proving this.

I think you should start looking for a new job.

It was very hard to come up with a title for this post.  I am looking for good suggestions, if you have one, leave it in a comment.  If I like it, I will change it.

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