Bob Costas wants to make a BET???

April 3, 2014

Sometimes I have to laugh…..and SOMETIMES I like to GAMBLE…I have done both in my past, and I will say this, the offer that Costas has made is a “suckers bet”.  This means that if you “bet” Costas, like he wants you to, you cannot win.  Let me explain…

First, here is an article that describes the “bet” that Costas wants to make, from Mediaite:

Bob Costas Defends His ‘Gun Culture’ Comments to Seth Meyers

or if you don’t want to read the whole article, here is the “wager”

Costas proceeded to offer up a bet to “anybody to who, anytime they hear the word ‘guns’ automatically goes off like, ‘They’re going to repeal the Second Amendment!” Looking at news stories over the next five years, he predicted there will be more tragedy associated with athletes having guns than “good and constructive” things.


Let me get this straight, Bob, you want me to bet you, that there will be more “news stories” that are “good and constructive” than there will be “news stories” about tragedy associated with athletes and guns???  Hahahhahhahahhahhahahhhahahhahaaa

Stop, my side hurts, from LAUGHING AT YOU SO HARD!!!!  I can’t breathe…..

Hey, Bob, HOW MANY “NEWS ARTICLES” do you see today that are “good and constructive”???  I am talking about ANY “NEWS ARTICLES”, not just ones that deal with those big and scary weapons that fire lead at a high velocity, I’m talking about ANY “NEWS ARTICLES”!!! 

Seriously, Bob, that isn’t a “bet”, that would be stealing.  A true gamble is one where you would take either side, Bob.  If you want to GAMBLE, count me in, but don’t try to STEAL from me, you LEFTIST MORON!!!! 

Just to conduct an experiment, I went and looked for stories about the 150 MILLION guns that are NEVER INVOLVED IN “TRAGEDY”, and guess how many I found???

I know, I couldn’t believe it either.  Can you believe that violence and tragedy sells news???  If you were to start a “newspaper” and only tell stories about guns that people own that did nothing but travel to the range and other times stay holstered, how long do you think you would stay in business??  I am not making a judgement, here, on what sells news papers, it just IS.  (If you need the definition of “is”, I suggest you ask Billy Clinton.)

Or how about stories that I would consider a “tragedy” in some way, but mostly are “good and constructive”, because the victim used a firearm to stop or KILL THE BAD PERSON??  It is a “tragedy” that an INNOCENT person was put in that situation by the BAD PERSON to begin with, but I am grateful that they had access to a firearm, and used it to PROTECT THEMSELVES.

What about those articles, Bob?  How would YOU classify those??  Tragedy? or Good and Constructive??

When YOU, Bob, start reporting about the athlete, or non athlete, that owns guns, AND HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG WITH THOSE GUNS, then maybe we can talk about a wager.  Until then, continue to be protected by your own ARMED SECURITY, AND STFU!!!!  Because you are a LIBERAL and do NOT want to ACKNOWLEDGE THE REAL WORLD FACTS.

Here is a “bet” that I will make with you Bob Costas….I will bet that you have no clue how many “athletes” own a gun.  What say you Bob, do we have a bet?

Sweet HILARIOUS Irony…

March 14, 2014

Sometimes thing are funny, EVEN IF IT IS SO SAD THAT, IT IS TRUE…

Oh the Irony

First we have Mark Zuckerberg, the Founder of Facebook, which mines all of the posts on Facebook for data about the people using it, COMPLAINING that the National Security Agency (The NSA) is spying on them and using them to spy on others.  ROFLMAO. 

Does he actually listen to himself???  I wonder at the “mental gymnastics” required to complain about someone else doing exactly what you do???  Even though it is quite sad that we are all being spied on, most likely AGAINST the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and ILLEGAL, this is getting HILARIOUS.

Zuckerberg phones Obama, ‘frustrated’ by NSA’s extensive spying” – Fox News

“The U.S. government should be the champion for the Internet, not a threat. They need to be much more transparent about what they’re doing, or otherwise people will believe the worst,” Zuckerberg said.”

Hey Mark, I don’t want to be the bearer of BAD NEWS……OK maybe I DO…but I HAVE BELIEVED THE WORST ABOUT YOU FROM THE BEGINNING!!!  For this EXACT reason!!! 

Could you apply YOUR STATEMENT to YOUR COMPANY???  P.S – I have not, nor will I EVER, have a Facebook page.  I DON”T TRUST YOU.

Next we have Google Inc. Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt also complaining about the NSA.  ROFLMMFAO…..stop, stop, stop, my sides are starting to hurt from laughing so hard…

Really??  Coming from Google???  Google is the largest SPY COMPANY in the world, and it is STEALING PERSONAL INFORMATION from just about ANYONE THAT GETS ON THE INTERNET….DAILY EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY!!!  Are you kidding me???  Do they listen to themselves??

Google Chairman Schmidt: NSA Spying On Our Cloud Is ‘Outrageous’ If True” – Business Insider

“The steps that the organization was willing to do without good judgment to pursue its mission and potentially violate people’s privacy, it’s not OK.”

Oh the “outrage”!!! 

Wait, did he just say that “potentially violating” people’s privacy is NOT OK??  WTF??!!!

This, coming from someone who has SPIED on MY PERSONAL EMAILS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION??  In case there is any confusion, not only do I not give permission for Google to mine any email to me from a Google server, but I EXPRESSLY state that I do NOT give this permission.  P.S. – I do NOT have, nor will I ever have, a personal Gmail account.  Eric, I DON”T trust you either.

There are many other examples of company “bigwigs” complaining about the NSA doing exactly what these bigwigs do.  This is so sad that it IS HILARIOUS….

Oh the IRONY…

Is there HOPE????? From OVERpaid people…

February 28, 2014

What is this????  IS California beginning to WAKE UP????

Finally!!!!!  I am seeing signs that people are starting to notice the THIEVES, SNAKE OIL SALESMEN and SWINDLERS that are among us!!!

I love this story from The Blaze:

Residents Explode on Superintendent, School Board During Emergency Meeting: ‘This Is Crazy!’

This “explosion” of energy is concerning the same subject as this post of mine from a month ago.

The people being fleeced are finally demanding that the superintendent and the Board that gave him the money resign.

“I propose that there be a special recall election of this whole damn board, and a criminal investigation into the board for breach of fiduciary responsibility,” one man yelled during the emergency meeting held Tuesday.

I second the motion….THROW ALL OF THESE CHARLATANS IN JAIL….send an UNMISTAKABLE MESSAGE that these shenanigans will NO LONGER BE TOLERATED!!!  No I can only hope that these people do not lose focus and force the changes that are needed.


Are People OVERpaid???!!!!

February 21, 2014

California….the gift that keeps on giving….

I’m so disgusted, and a little hopeful, that I am not going to quote much from the article from Fox News:

California sheriff who says $276,000 pension not enough fuels push for reform

I do have to draw attention to one sentence late in the article that has nothing to do with the greedy, delusional, moron ex-sheriff that thinks $276,000 per year is not enough, to do nothing in retirement.

A police chief in Stockton left with a $204,000 annual pension after just eight months on the job.

Eight months???  Where do I sign up???

Sorry, I have to go throw up….

Are people OVERPAID??

February 11, 2014

Well, folks….California never gets the clue it appears, so let’s highlight another case……OR CASES!!!!

From the Daily Breeze:

Centinela Valley schools chief amassed $663,000 in compensation in 2013

Go ahead and read that again…..$663,000 for someone to “run” the schools in Centinela Valley…

Where is Centinela Valley you ask??  In Los Angeles County Califonia…ok well maybe that person deserves to have “an above average compensation”, (BUT $663,000??) I mean Los Angeles has a lot of people, there MUST be a lot of kids in these schools?? 

His total compensation even eclipsed that of John Deasy, superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest school system. Deasy’s base salary is $330,000 this school year and his gross compensation is just shy of $390,000, according to the LAUSD. But the district enrolls more than 650,000 students while Centinela Valley serves about 6,600.”

WTF!!!!  There are ONLY 6,600 students in these schools????  Jose Fernandez, this is FRAUD on an EPIC SCALE!!!

His total compensation even eclipsed that of John Deasy, superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District, the nation’s second-largest school system. Deasy’s base salary is $330,000 this school year and his gross compensation is just shy of $390,000, according to the LAUSD. But the district enrolls more than 650,000 students while Centinela Valley serves about 6,600.

Seriously!!!??  Go ahead and re-read that last quote from the article……I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH JOHN DEASY’S SALARY!!!!  He ONLY made $390,000!!!  That is MORE THAN DOUBLE WHAT THE GOVERNOR OF CALIFORNIA GETS PAID!!!  The governor gets paid $165,288

This is DISGUSTING!!!  ANYONE that was involved with this salary “negotiation” needs to be “run out-of-town”!!!

At the beginning of this post I said there were “cases”….here is another quote from the article:

In an effort to make a fair comparison, the Daily Breeze obtained the same W-2 documents from the county for the superintendents of the Torrance, Redondo Beach and Palos Verdes Peninsula unified school districts. Total 2013 compensation amounted to $257,804 for George Mannon of Torrance Unified, $251,032 for Steven Keller of Redondo Beach Unified and $227,229 for Walker Williams of Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified.”

ALL more than the Governor???  Can anyone honestly tell me that these jobs are more important? more difficult?  require more education? or anything “more” than the Governor????  And I think he is OVERPAID too!!!

Are People Overpaid???

February 4, 2014

For this installment let’s go back to the great state of California…the one that is having SERIOUS budget problems…and if anyone is watching, is dominated by Democrats and the Liberals (just like Detroit, Chicago and New York City).

Who should we talk about today??  Someone, that is mandatory for society to operate, that the State Government should be paying whatever it takes to get the best person???  Nawwwwww, let’s talk about Lifeguards…..AGAIN.  Because that other post was ONLY WRITTEN 2.5 YEARS AGO, so no one, that is responsible and has authority, could have actually done anything yet!!!??  (sarc off)

From the Daily Caller:

“198 lifeguards in Los Angeles County made more than $100,000 each in taxpayer money in the year 2012.”

Got that???  Almost 200 people….that have no job worries, after they leave the beach, made almost $20 MILLION in one year!!!!  Where can I sign up, I’m relatively health, can swim, and look pretty good in a swim suit…

I’m not saying that the job they do is not important.  But, this job does not require a college degree.  I know, I know…they need to know CPR, and I’m sure there are other skills that I’m missing…..BUT SERIOUSLY????  Let’s compare what they make to a Firefighter salary….or a Police salary…

I can think of many jobs that should earn more than these “lifeguards”, that don’t!!!

Monday Morning Humor…

December 9, 2013

This would be HILARIOUS if it weren’t true!!!!  The Bureau of Government Propaganda Labor “Statistics” (and I use the word “statistics” very loosely) has been telling lies for so long that they cannot keep the numbers in line anymore!!!  I have been saying for YEARS that the crap coming from the BLS, is a LIE to the American Public.  Let me give an example, USING THEIR OWN NUMBERS:

I am sure that everyone has heard how Obama has been doing such a great job that the “unemployment number” has been dropping for years.  Yeahhhhhhh……wooohhoooooo…everyone is happy and there was much rejoicing…/sarc off

Well let’s just dive into the Labor Propaganda Departments PUBLISHED NUMBERS.

First, Lets look at the employment numbers for the last year, this comes straight from their website (these are in thousands of people):

Adjusted (however they do the magic that they do)    

2012-06-01  155149                                                                  
2012-07-01  154995                                                                  
2012-08-01  154647                                                                  
2012-09-01  155056                                                                  
2012-10-01  155576                                                                  
2012-11-01  155319                                                                  
2012-12-01  155511                                                                    
2013-01-01  155654                                                                   
2013-02-01  155524                                                                   
2013-03-01  155028                                                                   
2013-04-01  155238                                                                   
2013-05-01  155658                                                                   
2013-06-01  155835                                                                   
2013-07-01  155798                                                                   
2013-08-01  155486                                                                   
2013-09-01  155559                                                                   
2013-10-01  154839                                                                  
2013-11-01  155294 


2012-06-01  156385
2012-07-01  156526
2012-08-01  155255
2012-09-01  155075
2012-10-01  155779
2012-11-01  154953
2012-12-01  154904
2013-01-01  154794
2013-02-01  154727
2013-03-01  154512
2013-04-01  154739
2013-05-01  155734
2013-06-01  157089
2013-07-01  157196
2013-08-01  155971
2013-09-01  155536
2013-10-01  154918
2013-11-01  155046

This is the number of JOBS in the United States of America, meaning this is the WORKING POPULATION number, and I don’t care which column you look at.  Let’s examine the numbers and think about what they are saying.  I’ll do the example using the “adjusted” numbers so you can follow along.

In November of this year, 2013, there were 155,294,000 people working.  Which is MORE than October of this year by 455,000 JOBS…..HUH??  But the BLS said last friday that there were “total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 203,000“….OK, WHATEVER???  I don’t care what they say…

Let’s keep going back further…for some reason March and April of this year also had lower total jobs, BUT we have to go back all the way to SEPTEMBER of 2012 to have a consistently SMALLER total jobs number!!!  Think about that.  There were MORE PEOPLE WORKING EVERY MONTH, for almost the entire previous 14 MONTHS, than worked last month. Do you think the unemployment rate should be decreasing??  The unadjusted numbers are even WORSE!!!

Let’s think about this number a little more….Last month there were 155,294,000 people in the USA that had a JOB, in October of 2012 there were 155,576,000 people in the USA that had a job.  Let’s call those 2 numbers equal, just for argument’s sake.  In 13 months, in the United States of America, do you think the absolute population of working people, these are people who would work if they could, went up down or stayed the same?  Hummmm, let’s see, what could have happened in those 13 months…..wait I got it….ALL of the High Schools and ALL of the Universities, Colleges, Trade Schools, etc would have had GRADUATIONS!!!  Some people would have retired and since they have done so well, they are lying on a beach somewhere sipping some alcoholic beverage, but the retirees do not offset the new entrants.  It is estimated that 16-20 million people entered the work force over those 13 months.  Let’s say the estimates are way off and the working population only increased by 10 million (or 5 million the real number doesn’t matter to me right now, so long as we agree that it is a large number over a few million), now do you think the unemployment rate should be decreasing like the Government is telling us and most of the MSM is parroting???  IF the increase is ONLY 3 Million new people looking for a new job, that would INCREASE the unemployment rate by about 2% (3,000,000/155,000,000).  It is all a LIE!!!!

We have not even talked about the quality of the jobs that “have been created”.  I’m not going to go into that right now but there are estimates that greater than 50% of all the “new jobs that have been created” are part-time.

This is just a SICK JOKE and President Obama is the one telling it!!!!

The LIARS at the Census Bureau!!!

November 19, 2013

Well, it seems that people are finally starting to notice, hopefully the lights will be turned up so we can see all th COCKRAOCHES run away.

It has been more that a year since I started trying to shine the light on the Government Propoganda Machine.  I have posts here, here, here, here and here, with many more links in these posts. Now I read an article from the New York Post:

Census ‘faked’ 2012 election jobs report

The decline — from 8.1 percent in August to 7.8 percent in September — might not have been all it seemed. The numbers, according to a reliable source, were manipulated.”

And anyone that did not see this coming needs to go back and read my posts.  It was blindingly obvious that the Obama Administration, WAS, IS and WILL CONTINUE, to publish propoganda.  In fact, if you read other links in my posts, I stated in December of 2011 what was going to happen in the reporting.

Don’t ever say you weren’t told…

A Note on Veterans Day…and ObamaCare!!!

November 11, 2013

First, let me give a heartfelt Thank You to all Veterans Past and Present.  I thank you for your sacrifice and I thank you for your service.

Second, I want to put something in perspective.  This is what the American People can DO!

 December 7, 1941 (the Attack on Pearl Harbor) to May 8, 1945 (Germany’s Surrender) is 3 years, 5 months, 1 day.

What this means is that in the time we were attacked at Pearl Harbor to the day Germany surrendered we had  mobilization of millions, building tens of thousands of tanks, planes, jeeps, subs, cruisers, destroyers, torpedoes, millions upon millions of guns, bombs, ammo, etc. Transporting all of this equipment ALL over the globe, setting up supply lines.  Turning the tide in North Africa, Invading Italy, D-Day, Battle of the Bulge, Race to Berlin – all while we were also fighting the Japanese in the Pacific!! Not to mention complete development of the A-bomb in parallel with the above culminating with the dropping of the bomb on Japan 3 months later.

This is just ONE Example of our Veterans doing GREAT things for the world, and the United States of America.

Now, onto a comparison…

March 21st 2010 (the day, “which will live in infamy”, in which Obama signed his namesake Law into being) to October 1 2013 (the day that the Obamacare website went live, kind of??) is 3 years, 6 months, 10 days.

The time it took America to win World War II is not enough time for this progressive federal government, and Obama with all his “super smart” minions, to build a working webpage.

Anyone think that the Obamacare website will be fully functional in another 3 months.


Again, Thank You Veterans, have a GREAT DAY.

Are people OVERPAID…

November 1, 2013

Sometimes it is so SAD, and FRUSTRATING that more Americans can not, or will not think critically…

This is not say that I am never wrong, or that I am always right.  But if EVERYONE thinks critically and offers opinions, the best ideas would rise to the top more quickly.  For instance OBAMACARE…

This is Legislation that received 0 (That is a ZERO) votes from one side of the prolitical spectrum.  I am not sure, in the history of the United States, that anything, other than ObamaCare, has EVER become a LAW without ANY votes from one side.  In my short research I can not find anything, if you know of one and can provide links, please leave in a comment.

Which brings me to the subject of this post…

Flashback: Obama flack slams ‘disinformation’ about insurance losses” – Daily Caller

Linda Douglass not only was overpaid, but as an American Citizen, I feel we should go after ANY money that was paid to her during her “job” with the Government.  ALL of it!!!  She needs to reimburse the American public.  She is a LIAR!!!  She belongs in JAIL for FRAUD.

She deserves ANY poor luck that she, or her family, encounters from now until ETERNITY.