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The Arizona Shooting…

January 13, 2011

First, let me start this post with condolences for the families of the deceased, prayers for all the families of the injured and thanks for the heroes who limited the deranged killer, Jared Lee Loughner, from inflicting more damage.  This senseless act should not have occurred and I feel sorry for anyone who has been involved in it. 

Fox news has an article dealing with the aftermath, specifically, what is going to happen to the killer, Jared Lee Loughner.

Does anyone else have a problem with this case and the apparent length of time that it will endure?  Here are the facts:

     1)  Jared Lee Lougher was wrestled to the ground, as he was attempting to reload his personal weapon, after shooting and killing 6 people, and wounding 13 others.  He DID it!!  It is NOT disputed.

     2)  He wrote about what he was GOING to do!  It is not disputed.  He thought about it and planned for 3 years before doing it, and

     3)UPDATED:  According to the FBI there is a security video of the attack that shows Jared Lee Lougher shooting Rep. Giffords and others.

I do not care if he has mental problems!  There are many witnesses and a security video.  He killed 6 people.  Their families will NEVER be the same.  He wounded 13 others.  They will ALWAYS have the scars, and their families will NEVER be the same.  Mr. Lougher needs to have a fair trial.  But seriously, if it takes longer than 6 months, there is a severe problem with the American Justice System!  I’m being generous with 6 months, most of that should be scheduling.  If the actual court time takes more than 2 days, there is a problem!