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Another Doozy from your Government Motors….

June 5, 2014

Thank you Barack Obama…

This is what the “Executives at Government Motors, GM, have learned from their “previous” owner, and what WE HAVE PAID AT LEAST $11 BILLION for so far, from an article on Fox News.  I know, I know, it’s Fox News, and they hate Obama and couldn’t ever tell the truth….BUT THIS IS A QUOTE FROM THE CEO that was put in place by Obama.

(GM CEO Mary Barra) Barra says attorney Anton Valukas interviewed 230 employees and reviewed 41 million documents to produce the report, which also makes recommendations to avoid future safety problems.

The crisis began in February, when GM recalled 780,000 older-model Chevrolet Cobalt and Pontiac G5 small cars because of defective ignition switches.

They learned how to LIE!!!!

How do I know it is a lie, you ask?  Well, let’s just run through the numbers.

This lawyer guy, Anton Valukas, is said to have reviewed 41 MILLION documents. OK….how long do you think it takes to review 1 document?  Forget I asked that question, let’s just analyze the situation.

Today is June 5, I am going to assume that this lawyer guy, just before this speech, ran up to CEO Barra and handed her the results. Today isn’t over and it hasn’t been a full day, but I feel generous and I am going to give him the full day.  Ok that means there have been 5 full days in June.  There were 31 full days in May.  There were 30 full days in April.  There were 31 full days in March.  And let’s see, this wasnt a Leap Year, so there were 28 full days in February.  I know the “crisis began in February” but I feel generous today so I will say this lawyer guy had the full month.  Ok, we have 5+31+30+31+28=125 full days…at a maximum. 

Now, I am also going to assume that on February 1, at midnight, that at least a substantional portion of these “41 million” documents were ALREADY stacked on this lawyer guys desk, so that he could start “reviewing”, and that many other people were collecting the rest of the “41 million” documents in order to get them to this lawyer guy when he needed them.

Now, let’s do a simple calculation….41 million divided by 125 days = 328,000 documents per day.  Let’s keep going….328,000 divided by 24 hours = 13,666.67 documents per hour…..13,666.67 divided by 60 minutes per hour = 227.78 documents per minute….227.78 divided by 60 seconds per minute = 3.8 documents PER SECOND.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that this lawyer guy, worked 24 hours a day, for 4 months and 5 days, with NO bathroom breaks, NO sleep, and reviewed 3.8 documents EVERY SECOND of EVERY MINUTE of EVERY HOUR of EVERY DAY for 4 months and 5 days???

Let’s say there were 4 “reviewers”…that would mean that they each reviewed 1 document per second every 24 hours…and didn’t have time to talk to each other.  At three shifts per day, we would need 12 “reviewers” at 1 document per second for 8 hours straight for 4 months and 5 days.  They are still not allowed any breaks.  And they still have not talked to each other.  Should we add any weekends??  Bathroom breaks??  Lunch breaks??  Holidays??  How many pages are in each “document”, could there be any that are 2 pages, 10 pages, 100 pages???  How long to compare thoughts??  Time to actually think about the documents that have been “reviewed”?  Time to actually compare documents?? (Hey wait, this document doesn’t match that other document that I “reviewed” about 20 million ago, could you find that one for me??)  How many reviewers do you think there were?

This does not even include the “230 employee interviews”….or any time to take notes, to “produce a report”, edit a report, make changes to a report, have the report reviewed, and then get the report to that CEO Barra, where she could read it and comprehend it enough, to “fire 15 people”.

How long were the “employee interviews”??  Were there any follow-up questions??  Compare notes??  Find discrepancies???  Clear up the discrepancies??  Think about it, you have 230 individuals that all say the same thing???

Are you kidding me???

There is NO POSSIBLE WAY “41 million” documents can be reviewed and a realistic report written in 4 months and 5 days….I don’t care how many reviewrs there are!!!  Let’s say there were 41 million “reviewers”…do you think you could get them to say what is in their document AND have them agree on a report in 4 months and 5 days??

They are all LIARS trying to say “see we are doing something” about the problems!!!!