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Bob Costas wants to make a BET???

April 3, 2014

Sometimes I have to laugh…..and SOMETIMES I like to GAMBLE…I have done both in my past, and I will say this, the offer that Costas has made is a “suckers bet”.  This means that if you “bet” Costas, like he wants you to, you cannot win.  Let me explain…

First, here is an article that describes the “bet” that Costas wants to make, from Mediaite:

Bob Costas Defends His ‘Gun Culture’ Comments to Seth Meyers

or if you don’t want to read the whole article, here is the “wager”

Costas proceeded to offer up a bet to “anybody to who, anytime they hear the word ‘guns’ automatically goes off like, ‘They’re going to repeal the Second Amendment!” Looking at news stories over the next five years, he predicted there will be more tragedy associated with athletes having guns than “good and constructive” things.


Let me get this straight, Bob, you want me to bet you, that there will be more “news stories” that are “good and constructive” than there will be “news stories” about tragedy associated with athletes and guns???  Hahahhahhahahhahhahahhhahahhahaaa

Stop, my side hurts, from LAUGHING AT YOU SO HARD!!!!  I can’t breathe…..

Hey, Bob, HOW MANY “NEWS ARTICLES” do you see today that are “good and constructive”???  I am talking about ANY “NEWS ARTICLES”, not just ones that deal with those big and scary weapons that fire lead at a high velocity, I’m talking about ANY “NEWS ARTICLES”!!! 

Seriously, Bob, that isn’t a “bet”, that would be stealing.  A true gamble is one where you would take either side, Bob.  If you want to GAMBLE, count me in, but don’t try to STEAL from me, you LEFTIST MORON!!!! 

Just to conduct an experiment, I went and looked for stories about the 150 MILLION guns that are NEVER INVOLVED IN “TRAGEDY”, and guess how many I found???

I know, I couldn’t believe it either.  Can you believe that violence and tragedy sells news???  If you were to start a “newspaper” and only tell stories about guns that people own that did nothing but travel to the range and other times stay holstered, how long do you think you would stay in business??  I am not making a judgement, here, on what sells news papers, it just IS.  (If you need the definition of “is”, I suggest you ask Billy Clinton.)

Or how about stories that I would consider a “tragedy” in some way, but mostly are “good and constructive”, because the victim used a firearm to stop or KILL THE BAD PERSON??  It is a “tragedy” that an INNOCENT person was put in that situation by the BAD PERSON to begin with, but I am grateful that they had access to a firearm, and used it to PROTECT THEMSELVES.

What about those articles, Bob?  How would YOU classify those??  Tragedy? or Good and Constructive??

When YOU, Bob, start reporting about the athlete, or non athlete, that owns guns, AND HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG WITH THOSE GUNS, then maybe we can talk about a wager.  Until then, continue to be protected by your own ARMED SECURITY, AND STFU!!!!  Because you are a LIBERAL and do NOT want to ACKNOWLEDGE THE REAL WORLD FACTS.

Here is a “bet” that I will make with you Bob Costas….I will bet that you have no clue how many “athletes” own a gun.  What say you Bob, do we have a bet?