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Chrysler bankruptcy??

May 4, 2009

Let me start this blog by stating that I own a Chrysler vehicle.
I do have a problem with Chrysler, a PRIVATE company, declaring bankruptcy, NOW.

Why was it not OK for them to declare bankruptcy BEFORE the $4 BILLION that they received from US, you and I???

According to SmartBrief, Chrysler employed 66,409 people in 2007.  (These are the latest numbers I can find, if you have newer numbers, let me know, please.) 

I have NOT received a thank you note from ANY of those employees.  And by my calculations they each received $60,232.80 ($4,000,000,000/66,409), on top of their regular pay.  For THREE months work.  And apparently that work was not good work, because they STILL need to declare banruptcy.  If you are an employee, and did not receive your check, see your BOSS.

WHEN will THEY pay US back?  At this point I will be happy with $4 Billion.  They can keep the interest, which by my calculations would be $5 MILLION, if they just deposited this money in a local bank, earning 0.5% APR.

Thank you Obama, you OBVIOUSLY know a good business when you see one.