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Are People Overpaid??

August 29, 2012

Here we go again…

Last time I wrote on this subject I did not include links to my previous posts.  Apparently, that struck a nerve.  So, the posts are here, here, here, here, here, and here.

Previously, I linked to a story about Bell, CA.  I did not mention much about the article at the time, but for this post I want to revisit Bell, CA, as I have a new update on the situation.  First the story:

“Eight current and former Bell officials were arrested, including former City Manager Robert Rizzo, 56, whose nearly $800,000 salary ignited a furor over public pay and pensions across California.”

OK.  Got it.  Currently, they have been charged and are awaiting trial.  What could be new you ask??  Well, now Eric Eggena, a former city prosecutor and director of general services, who was NOT among the eight facing charges, is suing the city for VACATION DAYS AND SICK DAYS compensation after he was FIRED!!!  How much could that be you ask??

“One of the highest paid officials in Bell, fired at the peak of the corruption investigation that included a search of his house, has sued the city for $837,000, including compensation for 329 unused sick and vacation days.”

329 unused sick and vacation days!!!  If a full year is 200 working days, this is less than 2 years!!!  What was his salary you ask??

“When Eggena went to work for Bell in 2002 he earned $90,000 a year, but his salary nearly tripled over the next eight years, his total compensation swelling to $421,000 annually, putting him in the top tier of city officials nationwide.”

How big is Bell, California you ask??

“At 2.5 square miles (6.5 km2), Bell is number thirteen in the list of the 25 smallest cities in the United States that have a population of at least 25,000″

2.5 square miles!!  If it was a perfect square it would be approximately 1.58 miles per side.  If someone wanted to run a marathon, they would have to run around Bell, CA MORE than 4 times!!!  It is on the list of SMALLEST CITIES IN THE UNITED STATES!!!

The President of the United States EARNS $450,000 per year.  This joker was making $421,000!!!  This guy is NOT one of the ones facing charges about their stealing salaries.  Tell this Eggena guy that he will get “his” money when California quits running a deficit and pays down it’s debt by half!!

Does ANYONE wonder why cities, counties or states are going BANKRUPT??