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Budget numbers….

August 10, 2011

Why does the media insist on using a “10 year” projection when discussing the budget for The United States of America??  But then, when they do not like the savings, they make them seem small so it would sound insignificant??

Here is a case in point, from that “ultra conservative, right wing extremist, rag” Foxnews:

“A new report Tuesday claiming budget analysts understated the cost of the law by up to $50 billion a year …”

$50 BILLION!!!  With all of the newscasts that have proclaimed that the deficit is $14+ TRILLION, or they need to cut $2 +TRILLION or $4+TRILLION or whatever TRILLION, $50 billion does not sound like very much. 

I wish that the media in this country would STOP helping the politicians distort and confuse the American public, most of whom are to busy trying to live their own lives and take care of their families to spend time to try and understand what the politicians are doing.  The media’s JOB is to hold politicians accountable!!  ALL politicians!!!  Not just Republicans.  Not just Democrats.  Not just Tea Partiers.  ALL of them.

The media needs to keep the budget issue simple.  Let’s keep it to a summary of ONE year.  How much did the government spend last year??  How much is the government going to spend this year??  How much TAXES will the government collect this year??  How BIG is the deficit (the difference between how much the government collects and how much the government wastes spends)  How much….??

If the media insists on keeping the “10 year projection” then I think EVERYTHING should be a 10 year projection.  For instance, in the previously mentioned article wouldn’t it sound worse if instead of $50 BILLION a year, they said that the error in calculating the COST of ObamaCare is $500 BILLION over the next decade?  Or, better yet, the error is HALF OF A  TRILLION dollars!! 

So much for the LIE that ObamaCare would CUT spending on health care!!!

President Obama is a GENIUS…

July 31, 2009

Please make sure your lap bar and seat belts are securely fastened and please keep your hands inside the car for the entire ride…..

That is the sound of the roller coaster that we are now on.  DO NOT worry about the budget deficit or any of the “money” that the USA currently owes, President Obama and friends are going to make it so SMALL that we will have no trouble paying it off.

I know, I know, all you hear about is how large the National Debt is getting.  I mean, $1 TRILLION dollars SOUNDS like a lot of “money”.  But, is it really??  In 1960, $1 million dollars was a lot of money.  Heck, in 1990 $1 million dollars was still large.  In 2000, I would argue that billion became the new million.  Even Forbes listing of the richest people no longer includes multi-millionaires.  Soon, trillion will be the new million.

With spending (National Health Care, Energy Cap and Trade, Stimulus I, Stimulus II, etc.) that President Obama, the Democratic Congress and the Democratic Senate are trying to FORCE upon the American public, the deficit is getting out of control.  Bernanke says that He can remove the excess “money”, that He has been printing 24/7 as fast as the printers will run for the past 8 months, from the system AS SOON AS it is needed in order to ELIMINATE the threat of INFLATION.  For the moment, let’s assume that He CAN do this.  Does He believe that EVERY central banker in the world CAN do the same thing.  At this point almost every country in the world is flooding the system with currency. (at least $800 BILLION from the USA, at least $500 BILLION from China, at least $70 BILLION from England, at least $370 BILLION from the European Union, at least $80 BILLION from Russia, at least $154 BILLION from Japan, at least $47 BILLION from Canada, etc.).

In my opinion, we are heading for a dose of inflation, that may even turn into HYPERINFLATION.  This is the type of inflation that means you add a ZERO to anything that deals with money, basically overnight.  That $3 gallon of milk now costs $30, that $40 dollar tank of gas now costs$400, that $6 lunch at McD’s now costs $60….you get the picture.  When this happens, our National Debt will NOT go up as fast.  See how SMALL it is getting?

Do not worry about what will happen to you when your wages/salary do not increase as fast as inflation, the government will take care of you.

Remember when President Obama lied said that He would NOT raise taxes for anyone making less than $250,000.  He is almost correct.  First, he is going to raise taxes, and then…….wait for it……… will be making MORE than $250,000.  How is that going to happen?  Remember when I said you add a ZERO to anything that deals with money?  If you are making $25,000/year now, soon that will be the same as making $250,000/year.  See how SMALL the National Debt is getting?

Here is the best part.  Right now, the top 10% of earners pay 71% of the federal income tax collected, and 32% do not pay ANY federal income tax.  After we add a zero to everyone’s pay, the bottom 32% will START to pay taxes (FINALLY), because the tax code is NOT adjusted for inflation.  See how SMALL the National Debt is getting?

But, do NOT worry what is going to happen to you during the transition.  It might get a little bumpy for YOU personally, but the National Debt is getting so SMALL!!! 

President Obama and friends are GENIUSES!!!

CLANK, CLANK, CLANK…..enjoy the ride!!!!