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Obama and Campaign Finance…

October 26, 2012

And now some Thursday morning humor.

Today we have an Article from the Daily Caller, mentioning an interview of President Obama, on Air Force One, where he said:

Obama suggested he would use a second term — when he can’t run again — to impose limits on other politicians’ spending.”

This, coming from the President who first said he would abide by the limits of campaign funding by accepting the federal match, before he threw that promise out the window and SPENT $740 MILLION in 2008 getting elected President!!!

“I continue to believe that,” said Obama, who has raised roughly $1.5 billion over his 16-year political career. In 2008, he declined to limit his spending in exchange for federal campaign funds, and raised enough funds to outspend his 2008 rival, $740 million to $227 million.”

Now that the Republicans have MATCHED HIS SPENDING…..AND HE IS GOING TO LOSE, he wants to limit campaign spending.

“…his 2012 rival, Romney, has raised $472 million for the race…

I will stipulate that “outside groups” are spending $500 million for the Republicans, that is not included in this number.

“…Obama and his allies have raised $1 billion for the 2012 campaign, according to a calculation by Politico

This seems to be another case of Obama’s “fuzzy math”, or his grade school “if I can’t beat you by the rules, I’ll take my ball home!!”
Oh, the IRONY!!!