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August 9, 2010

Are they serious??  Here is an article from Big Government that I have to comment on.  This article is alerting everyone about a Geauga County Board of Elections (Ohio) suit against a lone blogger.  Apparently, the Board would like to censor this blogger because he dares to criticize them and does not tell everyone his name. 

Personally, I think this is fantastic!!! I hope the board wins in their case against this blogger. Then when WE have a precedent that  WE can demand that everyone include the information needed in ANY political article. This will INCLUDE the names of ALL the owners and their political contributions, the support of the writers, editors, publishers, parent companies, board members, union support, etc. I want to know what political parties/causes are supported by:

  1. the Author,
  2. the Editor,
  3. the Publisher,
  4. the Reporter,
  5. the supporting cast
  6. the Officers of the Corporation/Union/Non Profit,
  7. the Corporation/Union/Non Profit,
  8. the Board Members of the Corporation/Union/Non Profit,
  9. the majority Shareholders,
  10. the PAC (who funds them, and their relationships)

 WE need more transparency!!! This is the information that I want public.  What say you MSNBC, NBC (both owned by GE), CBS, ABC, NYTimes, LATimes, Soros, Media Matters, SEIU, ACORN, ACLU, NAACP, AARP??? That sound you hear is the sound of crickets as they just realized that this ruling WILL affect them. I hope they get their original wish.