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The farce that is the CENSUS!!!!

August 12, 2010

I love this article on Fox News compared to this article from the Juneau Empire.  I hope that the Juneau Empire will correct the title of their article, “Totem pole, after boosting 2010 census count, heads to new home”.  According to the Census Department, the census count in Alaska was down from 2000.  Which also got me thinking…

The part I love the most about the Fox article, and checking other Census articles, are the quotes “Sixty-two percent of Alaska residents mailed back their census forms in 2010, compared with 64 percent in 2000” and “the mail-in response rate nationwide clocked in at 72 percent — same as a decade ago”.  Now my questions:

1.  If they KNOW the percentage that answered – 72% of the total or 62% of Alaskans – WHY do they need to do the census??  They need to know the total BEFORE they can calculate the percentage of responders.

2.  If they DO NOT know the total, how can they KNOW the percentage of responders.
This is just more MADE UP government numbers, for which WE pay too much.  Next time, I will give them the numbers and they can pay ME 10% of the cost this year.  I’ll bet my numbers are just as good as theirs!!!