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I may finally agree with Al Gore!!!

June 22, 2011

Al Gore wants to control population size.  I may finally agree with the guy who “invented” the internet.  Although we may differ on the process.  Mr. Gore believes that we, the human race, can help control the climate by reducing births.  I think that is going to take way to long for the results to materialize.  So, I have some suggestions for Mr. Gore.

 Let’s start with Mr. Al Gore and his entire family!!!  Think about it.  If we remove him from the planet it will be a double benefit.  First, we will reduce the population, which he says he wants, so why doesn’t he SET the example.  Second, we will eliminate the overabundance of Hot Air, that he continuously spews forth.  Really, that will reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

Wait….it might have a third benefit.  Third, we can scrap his fuel guzzling air plane, his energy wasting residence, and his gas guzzling SUV’s.  Just think of the carbon reduction this will accomplish!!!

I say lead by example Mr. EX-Vice President!!!  It was nice having you around.  NOT!!! 

For anyone that does not know me, this is sarcasm.  I do not want to see the best X-VP dead, I just do not want to see him at all…….EVER……ANYWHERE!!!