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The “Cost” of Keeping Current Tax Rates…

December 17, 2010

Sometimes I find an article, from a respected source, that just makes me want to Scream!!!  Where do these “authors” come from?  How do they keep getting paid?

Normally, I enjoy reading Forbes, as I find that they provide differing view points on subjects, and try to explain complex situations.  The article by Brian Wingfield, “Congress Sends Tax Bill To Obama“, however, is NOT one of those articles.  Here is the quote that is obviously false (or a blatant attempt to mislead readers):

At a cost of of $858 billion over the next decade–none of it paid for–the bill is the single most damaging measure for the U.S. federal budget deficit that Congress has produced in years. (More so than either the 2008 TARP program, the 2009 economic stimulus bill or the health care reform act signed into law earlier this year.)”

Mr. Wingfield, are you kidding me??  Let me outline the mistakes in this quote:

     1.  No where in the article, do you reference where your numbers come from.  For this I will assume that the $858 Billion number is correct.

    2.  It would have been respectful of your readers if you had prefaced your opinion with something.  “I feel that this is the single most damaging measure passed by Congress…” would have been much better than presenting it as a fact.  To be honest, if you had done this, I probably would have let this opinion slide.  Also, it would have been more enlightening to your readers if you had finished the statement and said who/what the act was “damaging” to.  Was it damaging to the American Public? Tax payers? Government employees? Special Interests?  By leaving the subject open, the reader must assume what you mean.

     3.  To say that the continuation of the current tax code “costs” more than Obamacare, is provably incorrect.  Even the Democrats said, when they passed shoved it down our throats, that the “cost” would be $980 BILLION (UPDATE: $940 Billion) in the first decade.  But if you need more proof read the report from the CBO.  The Weekly Standard has a good summary.  The CBO estimates that Obamacare will cost more than $2 TRILLION, or more than double your “cost” of extending the current Tax rates.

     4.  Which brings me to your false argument that extending the current tax rates “costs” anything!!  IF you keep tax rates the same, it does not cost the Government ANYTHING!!  The definition of cost is the amount PAID for something.   As there is NO money leaving the governments hand, being received by the tax payers, it is NOT A COST to the government!!!  IF the government were to RAISE taxes, it would COST the American Tax payers money.  Lowering taxes does NOT cost the government money.  It merely reduces the government revenue.

Please, do at least some research before you attempt to sway your readers to your viewpoint.  Please, spend some time and learn the English language instead of parroting your favored mentors and spreading their poisonous falsehoods.

As for your “opinion” that extending the current tax rates is the most damaging act passed, Obamacare is far worse for the American public.  I also feel that the “cost” of the stimulus was much greater, as the $800+ Billion was expensed in a single year, as opposed to a full decade.  It would be nice if you would at least explore the other side of any argument.

The AARP Scam

December 18, 2009

The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).  Another SCAM on the American PUBLIC, including, but not limited to,  RETIRED people.

If you are a member of AARP, ASK them where YOUR money goes? 

Here is a hint, NOT to help YOU.  AARP is endorsing the new Democratic Health Care plan(s) for cold, hard cash.  AARP does not even NEED you to be a member any longer.  AARP is making more money from selling insurance and our “GOVERNMENT” than they get from members.  By endorsing the Democrat Health Care plan(s), they will INCREASE their income from insurance.  This INCREASE in insurance premiums will come from YOU, because of reductions in Medicare and Medicaid.

If I have not been clear, let me try again.  AARP wants the “Governement” to reduce Medicare and Medicaid, so that, Seniors (retired persons) will find it necessary to purchase (spend more of their own money) insurance to cover the reductions.  AARP will only be only too happy to provide this insurance.

If you do not want to believe me, do your own research.  You can start here.

I have also called these plans the Democrat Health Care plan(s), because that is what they are.  They have not worked with anyone, but a select few (not even all the Democarts are involved) to draft these “plans”. 

Also, how can AARP endorse a plan without reading it??  How do I know they have not read it, you ask.  Because even the Senators and Representatives that are voting on the plans, have NOT even SEEN the plans, let alone read them.

Call your representatives, tell them to read the bills, AND explain them to YOU!!!!  What will it cost YOU if you do nothing????

Cost of Government Day

August 11, 2009

This year (2009) is the LATEST cost of Government day EVER. It occurs on August 12th.  It beats the previous longest year by 23 days.  That is MORE than 3 weeks, that every American (you know, those of us who work) had to work, to PAY for the Government.

How does that make you feel???

Do not worry, the rest of the year you can work for yourself and your family.  The Government will not be back UNTIL the New Year.

P.S.  This date does NOT include any of the costs of Cap and Trade and it does NOT include any of the costs for National Health Care!!!!