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How did Attorney Holder RECUSE himself??

May 16, 2013

Time for some Thursday Morning Humor…..OK, it is NOT really funny….Do “they” really expect us to BELIVE this CRAP???

Yesterday I posted this:

“Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday said he recused himself last year from a national security leak probe in which prosecutors obtained the phone records of Associated Press journalists.”

Well, isn’t that convenient??

And SOMETIMES our Congress people ask really good questions:

While we know Holder has recused himself from the case, Bachus’ questions reveal that apparently Holder doesn’t know when exactly he did so.

On what date did you recuse yourself?” Bachus asked.

I’m not sure, I think it was towards the beginning of the matter,” Holder responded.

“Isn’t that sort of an unacceptable procedure?  The statue says that the attorney general shall approve the subpoena.  There was no memorandum, no email — when you recused yourself, was it in writing, was it orally?  Did you tell someone, did you alert the White House?” Bachus probed.

“I would’ve told the deputy attorney general,” Holder replied, though he said there would be no record of it in writing.” – The Blaze

So now we are just supposed to take the LIARS word for it??  Are you kidding me??

What a FARCE!!!  Holder belongs in JAIL!!!

The DOJ and Tax Fraud!!!

March 30, 2012

UPDATE:  It appears as if the following story about Gov. Haley was false, as reported at a new article from the Daily Caller.  Anything that relates to Gov. Haley below can be ignored.  The questions for Obama and Holder STILL stand!!

Here is a great article, in the Daily Caller, about “possible” charges being filed by the Department of Justice (DOJ), run by uber-liberal Eric Holder of Fast and Furious and dropping charges against th New Black Panthers (that had already been found GUILTY!!) fame, against Governor Haley of South Carolina.

First, let me comment on this case:  IF Mrs. Haley has committed Tax Fraud, then indict her, take her to court, and if found guilty penalize her accordingly!

Second, I have a question for Eric Holder:  I am encouraged that you are “vigorously pursuing” tax cheats, when are charges going to be filed against Tim Geithner, Charlie Rangel, Tam Daschle, etc.?  Or are you only interested in alleged Republican cheats??

I guess I should ask President Obama, now that Haley appears to have the qualifications, what Cabinet position will she be nominated for??

Military ballots in Illinois…

October 14, 2010

A continuation from the post yesterday.

Apparently Illinois (the home state of The One), may not count overseas military ballots either.  Read the article by WLS in Chicago.  If you do not want to read the article I have broken out some key points, as follows:

     1.  Illinois was required (by law) to have all of its absentee ballots mailed by September 18,

     2.  It is OCTOBER 14 (that is almost 1 full month from September 18) and the Department of Justice, read Eric Holder, is still “investigating” whether or NOT Illinois has mailed the ballots.

Are you telling me that it takes a MONTH to know if someone has mailed something??  Seriously??  Someone needs to be fired from their JOB!!!  Probably more than one someone.  At a minimum.  We need to have an Independent Investigator look into these situations, because to me it is looking more and more CRIMINAL.  These people are making our election system FAIL.  At best, these people are incompetent and deserve to be fired.  If you tell me they are competent, then the only other explanation is that they are breaking laws at will.  If that is the case I hear that there is an empty prison in Illinois that needs some residents.

Oh, and did you know Illinois is ANOTHER Democrat controlled corrupt state!!  Where Obama got his start.

UPDATE:  It appears that the problem in Illinois is the result of actions by an “active democrat” that has a HISTORY of trying to supress votes.  More from Big Government.

Military Ballots in New York…

October 13, 2010

The Department of Justice, read Eric Holder, has FINALLY brought suit against New York State concerning the BOARD of Elections complete and utter FAILURE to mail ballots to overseas Military personnel and their families.  A little background first:

     1.  The 2009 MOVE act requires that ballots be sent so that 45 days remain from the date sent to the election.

     2.  New York asked for an extension, because their primaries were held 4 days prior to the 45 day deadline.  I understand the difficulty in determining who is on the ballot, printing and mailing ballots in 4 days, so I am not complaining about the extension.

     3.  New York was given until October 1 to mail the ballots.

     4.  The Department of Justice, read Eric Holder, brought suit on OCTOBER 12.

What happened in the ELEVEN days between October 1st and October 12th??? 

Someone needs to serve a FOIA request for all communications inside the White House, the DOJ, and between these entities and anyone else concerning this topic.  Did the DOJ DELAY the lawsuit, so as to make it appear that they are attempting to do their jobs, but making it so that the ballots (or a portion of) will not be able to be counted??  Why was a suit not initiated on October 2nd?? 

Not only does the New York Board of Elections appear incompetent, at best, or malicious/criminal, at worst, but it appears that the DOJ is colluding in the farce.  Are you telling me that the DOJ needed 11 days to get the paperwork in order??  This is part of the same administration that needed LESS than 3 days to read and comprehend a 2,000+ page fiasco called ObamaCare.

Please tell me that someone in the Legislative Branch will be conducting an investigation into whether this is another attempt to STEAL an election!!!

For more information about the situation see Foxnews or the New York Times.

UPDATE: It appears that New York is only one of a FEW states that are having problems with letting our Military personnel overseas to vote.  Foxnews has another article concerning (mainly) New Mexico.  Funny, these states are run by Democrats.

Eric Holder in Afghanistan…

July 1, 2010

Here is an article about a trip that Eric Holder is currently on from the Huffington Post. 

I thought that was interesting, you know, with everything that he (Eric Holder) need to do here in the US.  Such as, file against the Arizona Immigration Law, figure out how to thwart a Federal Judge and reinstate the drilling ban, file criminal charges against British Petroleum, figure out how to circumvent the 2nd Amendment ruling from the Supreme Court, etc.  What could he be doing in Afghanistan?

Here is another article concerning the same trip, from MSN.  Following are some quotes from the article.  Bold is my thoughts on the quotes.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was in the Afghan capital to talk with officials about improving the justice system and fighting corruption (such as selling a Senate Seat) Wednesday, a day after Afghanistan’s top prosecutor defended himself against allegations that he’s being pressured not to pursue cases against powerful figures (such as the New Black Panthers in Philadelphia).

The Obama administration and other donor nations, who need Karzai to be perceived as a credible partner (doesn’t Karzai need Obama to be perceived as a credible partner), are pushing him to clean up bribery, graft and corruption (such as selling a Senate Seat, or dismissing Tax Cheats, so they can work in your administration).

“Fighting corruption and supporting the rule of law (such as Bankruptcy Lawin Afghanistan are top priorities for this administration, and we will continue to assist the Afghan government in creating and sustaining the effective criminal justice system to which the Afghan people are entitled,” Holder said in a statement issued by the U.S. Justice Department in Washington.

Let me know what you think.