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Congratulations to the First Lady…or should the Congratulations go to Mr. President Obama Again??

February 21, 2013

Back in August of 2011 I gave a Congratulations to “The One”, for reducing the flow of ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS from the Southern Border.  In that post I said:

Congratulations Mr. President, you have done it.

You have made America so much like the rest of the third world (poorer, unemployed, desperate, hopeless, etc.) that NO ONE wants to come here any more!!!

It looks like I will have to Congratulate Him once again, although the White House is trying to say that it is because of “all the efforts” of the First Lady Michelle Obama.  At this point I do not think it is her “fault”.  Apparently, if we are to trust ANY NUMBERS from the “government propagandists statisticians”, the number of children in this country that are obese is falling.  The White House is saying:

White House declares: First lady has reduced childhood obesity rates” – Daily Caller

I think this is TOTALLY UNFAIR and OVERLOOKS THE CONTRIBUTIONS of her husband, Barack Obama, in accomplishing this feat.

Congratulations Mr. President you have done something again.

By continuing your idiotic economic policies; over-regulation, demonizing business, assaulting capitalism, reducing the percentage of Americans in the work force, stopping businesses from starting, increasing inflation, giving OUR money to YOUR cronies, etc., you are reducing the amount of food that people can afford to buy.  You are FORCING America to go on a DIET, because many cannot afford to feed themselves.  Congratulations for putting, and keeping, 48 MILLION AMERICANS ON FOODSTAMPS, and counting.  Keep up the “good work”!!  NOT!!