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California Gas Prices, Governor Brown, Obama and EnvironMENTALists……

October 9, 2012

Oh the IRONY!!!

Does ANYONE in California understand yet??  How about EnvironMENTALists??  How about the average Jane or Joe??

This would be hilarious, if it were not so SERIOUS!!  I wish that Saturday Night Live would do a skit on this.  Oh, who am I kidding, the liberals that write for SNL could not fathom the humor in this situation!! 

Let me break it down for you.  Apparently there has been a problem at an oil refinery in California.  The type gasoline, that the California Government DEMANDS to be used, is unavailable from other sources, because they have switched for the upcoming “winter” driving season.  Since, there is a LIMITED supply of this gasoline, gas stations cannot get all that they want.  Since many gas stations understand that if they do NOT have gas to sell, most of their customers will NOT stop to buy something else, they are willing to pay for the gasoline that they can get.  Some gas stations were caught, and could not resell the gasoline for a profit.  Now that there is a “shortage”, the price of this “super special, must be demanded” gasoline has greatly increased.  Side note:  California, welcome to the free market and capitalism.  Governor Brown realizes that ALL of his constituents are UNHAPPY with the price they must pay for gasoline, so he is, now, attempting to control the price, because if he does not, he will be thrown from office.  What does he do you ask??  He wants to ELIMINATE the GOVERNMENT REGULATION that is restricting the free flow of gasoline.  The following are just a few articles about the situation:

Gov. Brown takes emergency action to try to reduce gas prices” – L A Times

“He directed the California Air Resources Board to increase the fuel supply by allowing the immediate sale and import of cheaper and more available winter-blend gasoline.”

California Moves to Reduce Gas Prices” – NY Times

“Mr. Brown directed the California Air Resources Board to take emergency steps to increase the supply of fuel in the state and allow refineries to immediately switch to a winter blend of gasoline that is typically not sold until November.”

Gov. Brown steps in to reduce record Calif. gas prices” – USA Today

“The Sacramento Bee reports that the governor’s move on Sunday follows a request by the California Independent Oil Marketers Association for permission to produce winter-blend fuel before the typical switch-over date of Oct. 31.”

And Finally – “Gov. Brown Takes Action To Reduce California Gas Prices” – CBS San Fransisco

“Sunday evening, in response to the governor’s order, the California Air Resources Board announced that it will allow the manufacture, importation, distribution and sale of the winter-grade gasoline.”

I also heard on the radio that the “winter blend” should NOT “harm” the environment too much if they start using it now instead of November 1st.  Where is the OUTCRY from the environMENTALists??

Do you get it yet??  The environMENTALists KNOW this is a loser!!  They are NOT going to say a thing!!

I just have a few questions.

1.  Do the people of California understand that THEIR government deems it to be ok that the people of California pay MORE for gasoline during the summer months??  Do the people of California know how much more??  Have the people of California decided that the EXTRA cost is worth the “incremental”, if at all, “betterment” of the environment?  Do the people of California understand that this is, essentially, a TAX??  Do the people of California understand that it is the GOVERNMENT and NOT the “Evil Oil Companies” that have increased the cost of THEIR gasoline??

2.  Do the people of California understand that the politicians, overwhelmingly Democrats, can at a moments notice CHANGE OR OVER RULE their Laws, without a VOTE, by “direction”, because the politician does not like the unintended consequences??  I would like to use a quote again, Mr. Brown directed the California Air Resources Board to take emergency steps to increase the supply of fuel in the state and allow refineries to immediately switch to a winter blend of gasoline…”.  Who is the California Air Resources Board??  Are they elected??  Do they represent the people of California??  Why do they get to ALLOW anything??  Why does Governor Brown get to DIRECT them??  Why has he not DIRECTED them before??  Californians pay one of the HIGHEST prices for gasoline in the Continental USA. 

3.  If it will not harm the environment to start using the “winter blend” one month early, WHY not do this EVERY year when it will SAVE money for the people of California??  If it will NOT harm the environment for one month, how about another month?? A week??  A day??  Just a quick calculation: 16 Billion gallons of gasoline are sold in California every year /12 months = 1.3 BILLION gallons.  If the price of gas goes down only 10 cents, that would equal $130 MILLION/month, that the people of California would be able to spend on something, anything, else. (“The move would reduce the price of gas in California by 15 to 20 cents per gallon, probably within a few days, said energy expert Chris Faulkner of Dallas-based Breitling Oil and Gas.”).  At 20 cents per gallon, that equals $260 MILLION.  If it is 6 months, that equals MORE than $1.5 BILLION/year.  Or as politicians like to say, more than $31 BILLION over 20 years!!!  Of course, that assumes that there will be NO INFLATION also, and we all know how likely that is.  So, the number is likely to be MUCH LARGER!!  To quote Vice President Je “the new sheriff in town” Biden, “Tha’s a big fu***** deal!!”

4.  Do the people of California realize that if the environMENTALists are not willing to stand up and fight for “whatever, fill in the blank” now, that perhaps, they know they have over reached and that their position is INDEFENSIBLE??

Let me know what you think.