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Democrats Flee their responsibilities….

February 24, 2011

So far the Democrats in Wisconsin have fled to hide in Illinois, to avoid a vote that they do not want.  Regardless of the fact, that they have a JOB to do, that the were ELECTED for, that they WANTED.

Now the Democrats in Indiana are following the same script.


Arizona has a LAW that says something like: “if a public officeholder doesn’t “discharge the duties of office” for three straight months, the office becomes vacant until a special election is held to fill it. It doesn’t say exactly what it would take for an officeholder to qualify as having discharged his or her duties.”

I would think that NOT showing up for work and at least voting present, like someone else we know, would qualify as NOT discharging their duties.  I wonder how long the Wisconsin and Indiana governors can keep the Democrats away?  Could they then call for an open election for their seats??  Let me know what you think.