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Are People Overpaid???

February 4, 2014

For this installment let’s go back to the great state of California…the one that is having SERIOUS budget problems…and if anyone is watching, is dominated by Democrats and the Liberals (just like Detroit, Chicago and New York City).

Who should we talk about today??  Someone, that is mandatory for society to operate, that the State Government should be paying whatever it takes to get the best person???  Nawwwwww, let’s talk about Lifeguards…..AGAIN.  Because that other post was ONLY WRITTEN 2.5 YEARS AGO, so no one, that is responsible and has authority, could have actually done anything yet!!!??  (sarc off)

From the Daily Caller:

“198 lifeguards in Los Angeles County made more than $100,000 each in taxpayer money in the year 2012.”

Got that???  Almost 200 people….that have no job worries, after they leave the beach, made almost $20 MILLION in one year!!!!  Where can I sign up, I’m relatively health, can swim, and look pretty good in a swim suit…

I’m not saying that the job they do is not important.  But, this job does not require a college degree.  I know, I know…they need to know CPR, and I’m sure there are other skills that I’m missing…..BUT SERIOUSLY????  Let’s compare what they make to a Firefighter salary….or a Police salary…

I can think of many jobs that should earn more than these “lifeguards”, that don’t!!!