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Are people OVERPAID??

May 21, 2013

This is absolutely DISGUSTING!!!!  On so many levels.

Does everyone remember the Fort Hood Shooting, from 2009??

First, I do not want to convict the suspect. before the facts are heard, in a court of law (A Military Trial), and a verdict is reached.  I do want to mention the facts as they have been presented to the public, so far:

1.  The suspect was shot at the scene, and was subdued. 

2.  Many eye witnesses have identified him as the shooter.

3.  13 individuals DIED from bullets that were traced to the weapon he was holding and firing.

4.  He has said, in a courtroom, that HE WANTS TO PLEAD GUILTY.  It cannot be accepted in a Death Penalty case, by military regulations.

Is everyone with me so far??

OK, I have a few issues.

NUMBER ONE:  It has been more than 2.5 YEARS!!!  The facts are available.  Why do we NOT HAVE A VERDICT, YET??  This is a SERIOUS problem with the justice system in the USA!!!  I do NOT CARE WHY HE DID IT.  I do NOT CARE IF HE HAD A HARD CHILDHOOD.  I care about whether he did it or not!!!  Let’s get a VERDICT.

NUMBER TWO:  Today I read this article:

Accused Fort Hood Shooter Paid $278,000 While Awaiting Trial” – NBC

Now, I do not want to stop paying anyone that has been accused of a crime.  I do want to change the regulations.

This guy MONSTER TERRORIST has been SITTING IN JAIL since 2009.  He does not NEED any money to live. 

Here is my suggestion,  IF you have been accused of a crime AND ARE INCARCERATED awaiting trial, then any money that is owed should be placed in a trust.  IF you are found GUILTY, and the guilty verdict withstands appeals, then the money in the trust will be forfeit.  The agency that paid the money will get it back.  He DESERVES nothing less.  If you are acquitted, the money becomes your immediately.

$278,000 and COUNTING!!!