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Are People Overpaid…

December 19, 2012

For this installment of “Are People Overpaid?” let’s revisit California, a state that is struggling (probably not a harsh enough word) to avoid bankruptcy.

From Bloomberg (kind of ironic that this story comes from a magazine that is owned by a current mayor of another struggling entity…):

California City Manager Paid $677,172 Runs Town of 5,000

What???  This guy manages a TOWN of 5,000 people and is paid how much???

The town of Indian Wells near Palm Springs in Riverside County, 120 miles (199 kilometers) east of Los Angeles, granted former city manager Greg Johnson $230,697 in salary and another $446,475 in “other pay” according to the data released yesterday. The other pay was a severance package.”

$230,697!!!! IN SALARY!!!  This does NOT include his benefits!!!

And people wonder why California is “struggling”???