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Unemployment Claims…

July 28, 2011

Today we have some “good” (?) economic “news”. 

After 15 weeks of having Initial Claims for Unemployment being ABOVE 400,000 we have finally(?) broken the 400,000 level.  Last week there were ONLY 398,000 Initial Claims for Unemployment.  Or have we?? 

I will make a wager with anyone that NEXT week the 398,000 number is REVISED UPWARD above 400,000.  Any takers??  I have been unable to find the number of consecutive weeks that the initial claims number has been revised upward, if anyone has this please leave a comment.  I will update this post next week.

By the way, Wall Street loved this number and rallied immediately.  Talk about market manipulation.  I doubt we see any prosecutions.  For when the major players manipulate the markets with the Fed’s blessing, it is OK.