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Obama, the BLS, and October’s Unemployment Rate…

October 29, 2012

If you have not seen my previous posts and my ranting against the Propaganda Machine, that is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the BLS) then check my archives.

I would have started this post out….And now for some “Monday Morning Humor”…..but this is NOT funny!!!

Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal:

Labor Department Says No Decision Yet on Whether to Delay Jobs Report

The Labor Department said Monday that it has yet to make a decision on whether to delay Friday’s closely-watched October employment report due to the effects from Hurricane Sandy.

Let me just say that, ANY “DELAY” in reporting the numbers, will have NOTHING TO DO WITH HURRICANE SANDY!!!  Or to put it another way, Hurricane Sandy will be JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR A DELAY in the reporting of unemployment numbers, as THE ANTI-MUSLIM FILM WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MASSACRE IN BENGHAZI!!!


I cannot find ONE instance where this reporting HAS EVER BEEN DELAYED.  IF they delay the reporting of these numbers, the people responsible will NEED TO BE FIRED AT A MINIMUM.  I’m not joking when I say these people should be tried for TREASON!!!



Now I want to highlight what I said last December:

Now for some cynicism.  I keep hearing the Democrats argue that they “want” an extension of the “extended unemployment benefits” and saying that the Republicans are fighting to let them expire unless we can “tax the rich more”.  Here is my view of the situation.  The Republicans are in a no-win situation, because the Democrats are going to let them expire, no matter what the Republicans offer.  Here is why.  IF the benefits expire, then everyone that is unemployed for more 9 months (I believe this is what the law will revert to, if I am incorrect please leave a comment), instead of the current temporary 99 weeks (which is just short of 2 years) will NO LONGER BE COUNTED IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE.  IF this happens, the Unemployment Rate will have a sudden drop from the current 9+% rate.  This will make the numbers “look” like they improved, so President Obama can claim to be improving the economy.  He will get on TV everyday and say that he brought the unemployment rate down from 9+% (it was over 9% thanks to President Bush and the Republicans) to x%, and that is why he ”deserves” to remain President.  It would have come down sooner except the Republicans in Congress stopped him from helping out sooner.”

The question is: Will the “unemployment rate” dip below 8%??  If it does, this is ALL you will see on any television.