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TSA “groping”…

November 19, 2010

Open letter to Mrs. Napolitano/President Obama:

Recently, there has been a negative backlash concerning the TSA screening being done at our airports, to mostly American Citizens.  I will gladly remove my objections to this invasive violation of the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of The United States of America, as soon as, you do two things.  These are:

     1.  Convince a super majority ( that is 2/3) of the Legal American Public that YOU, Mrs. Napolitano and your 67,000 minions, have “groped” everyone that is NOT an American Citizen crossing our southern border, and

     2.  That EVERY SENIOR GOVERNMENT OFFICIAL, and their family members, succumb to the TSA “groping”, in public, EVERY time they travel by air.  This includes all Czars, all Representatives, all Senators, all Department heads, and anyone that works in the White House, and I guess I better say the President (as there is not a lot of proof of Him working).  I do not care if it is a public airline, a charter aircraft, or Nancy’s personal transport.  They must submit to a TSA “vigorous pat down”, with the public present, on every trip. 

Until then, you can rest soundly at night knowing that the American Public will not willingly give up our rights, and you can count on more headaches.