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May 14, 2014

Does anyone else find this absolutely DISGUSTING???

Here is the definition of Crony Capitalism from Wikipedia:

Crony capitalism is a term describing an economy in which success in business depends on close relationships between business people and government officials.

It is also used world wide to describe virtually any governmental decisions favoring “cronies” of governmental officials.

Here is the definition of Nepotism from



patronage bestowed or favoritism shown on the basis of family relationship, as in business and politics: She was accused of nepotism when she made her nephew an officer of the firm.”

In case you have missed the story here is a start by the Washington Examiner:”

Jay Carney: Joe Biden’s son accepted position with Ukrainian gas company as ‘private citizen'”

“Hunter Biden and other members of the family are obviously private citizens and where they work is not an endorsement by the president or vice president,” he said.”

OK Jay, whatever you say. 

My opinion: There is NO WAY that Hunter, who has NO experience in oil and gas, gets a board seat if he is not related to the Vice President!!! 

And here are the pictures that need to be posted on both of these definitions


crony capitalist

crony capitalist


crony capitalist

crony capitalist

Vice-President Joe Biden

Vice President’s Son Hunter Biden

Hey Jay, I hear that Saddam might be looking for someone to replace Baghdad Bob……you might be overqualified though…

P.S. – What would Dimmocrats say if the offspring of a Republican Vice President got “appointed” to an oil company board during a “war”???  The silence is deafening!!!



Monday Morning Humor…

December 9, 2013

This would be HILARIOUS if it weren’t true!!!!  The Bureau of Government Propaganda Labor “Statistics” (and I use the word “statistics” very loosely) has been telling lies for so long that they cannot keep the numbers in line anymore!!!  I have been saying for YEARS that the crap coming from the BLS, is a LIE to the American Public.  Let me give an example, USING THEIR OWN NUMBERS:

I am sure that everyone has heard how Obama has been doing such a great job that the “unemployment number” has been dropping for years.  Yeahhhhhhh……wooohhoooooo…everyone is happy and there was much rejoicing…/sarc off

Well let’s just dive into the Labor Propaganda Departments PUBLISHED NUMBERS.

First, Lets look at the employment numbers for the last year, this comes straight from their website (these are in thousands of people):

Adjusted (however they do the magic that they do)    

2012-06-01  155149                                                                  
2012-07-01  154995                                                                  
2012-08-01  154647                                                                  
2012-09-01  155056                                                                  
2012-10-01  155576                                                                  
2012-11-01  155319                                                                  
2012-12-01  155511                                                                    
2013-01-01  155654                                                                   
2013-02-01  155524                                                                   
2013-03-01  155028                                                                   
2013-04-01  155238                                                                   
2013-05-01  155658                                                                   
2013-06-01  155835                                                                   
2013-07-01  155798                                                                   
2013-08-01  155486                                                                   
2013-09-01  155559                                                                   
2013-10-01  154839                                                                  
2013-11-01  155294 


2012-06-01  156385
2012-07-01  156526
2012-08-01  155255
2012-09-01  155075
2012-10-01  155779
2012-11-01  154953
2012-12-01  154904
2013-01-01  154794
2013-02-01  154727
2013-03-01  154512
2013-04-01  154739
2013-05-01  155734
2013-06-01  157089
2013-07-01  157196
2013-08-01  155971
2013-09-01  155536
2013-10-01  154918
2013-11-01  155046

This is the number of JOBS in the United States of America, meaning this is the WORKING POPULATION number, and I don’t care which column you look at.  Let’s examine the numbers and think about what they are saying.  I’ll do the example using the “adjusted” numbers so you can follow along.

In November of this year, 2013, there were 155,294,000 people working.  Which is MORE than October of this year by 455,000 JOBS…..HUH??  But the BLS said last friday that there were “total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 203,000“….OK, WHATEVER???  I don’t care what they say…

Let’s keep going back further…for some reason March and April of this year also had lower total jobs, BUT we have to go back all the way to SEPTEMBER of 2012 to have a consistently SMALLER total jobs number!!!  Think about that.  There were MORE PEOPLE WORKING EVERY MONTH, for almost the entire previous 14 MONTHS, than worked last month. Do you think the unemployment rate should be decreasing??  The unadjusted numbers are even WORSE!!!

Let’s think about this number a little more….Last month there were 155,294,000 people in the USA that had a JOB, in October of 2012 there were 155,576,000 people in the USA that had a job.  Let’s call those 2 numbers equal, just for argument’s sake.  In 13 months, in the United States of America, do you think the absolute population of working people, these are people who would work if they could, went up down or stayed the same?  Hummmm, let’s see, what could have happened in those 13 months…..wait I got it….ALL of the High Schools and ALL of the Universities, Colleges, Trade Schools, etc would have had GRADUATIONS!!!  Some people would have retired and since they have done so well, they are lying on a beach somewhere sipping some alcoholic beverage, but the retirees do not offset the new entrants.  It is estimated that 16-20 million people entered the work force over those 13 months.  Let’s say the estimates are way off and the working population only increased by 10 million (or 5 million the real number doesn’t matter to me right now, so long as we agree that it is a large number over a few million), now do you think the unemployment rate should be decreasing like the Government is telling us and most of the MSM is parroting???  IF the increase is ONLY 3 Million new people looking for a new job, that would INCREASE the unemployment rate by about 2% (3,000,000/155,000,000).  It is all a LIE!!!!

We have not even talked about the quality of the jobs that “have been created”.  I’m not going to go into that right now but there are estimates that greater than 50% of all the “new jobs that have been created” are part-time.

This is just a SICK JOKE and President Obama is the one telling it!!!!

Wednesday morning humor…

July 10, 2013

Sometimes I just can not help but to laugh…

I’ll let you read the following article, to see if you find it as hilarious as I do:

“‘Insider threat’ program reportedly orders feds to spy on each other using sloppy tactics” – Fox News

“An “insider threat” program launched by the Obama administration two years ago requires federal employees to spy on each other using profiling techniques not proven to work, according to a new report.”


Can anyone say lawsuit??

What are these “techniques”, you ask?

“It encourages them to flag a range of possible behaviors and circumstances, from financial problems to odd hours to unusual travel, according to the report.”

Hey wait a minute…maybe there is something to this….

Odd hours??  What was the President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton doing on the night of the Benghazi slaughter??

Unusual travel??  How many “vacations” has Michelle Obama and her husband taken??  And some of those place are not “friendly” to America…

I also heard that Hillary Clinton “traveled” more than any other Secretary of State… HISTORY!!!

Wait….WHO “leaked” information to the producers of Zero Dark Thirty??

Hey, Obama, who am I supposed to contact regarding some “suspicious” behavior???

The IRS Scandal CONTINUED!!!

May 30, 2013

Yesterday, I presented some facts concerning the IRS TARGETING conservative groups scandal.

Today, it seems that I am not the only one questioning Mr. Shulman.  Here is an article from the Daily Caller:

IRS’s Shulman had more public White House visits than any cabinet member

An analysis by The Daily Caller of the White House’s public “visitor access records” showed that every current and former member of President Obama’s Cabinet would have had to rack up at least 60 more public visits to the president’s home to catch up with “Douglas Shulman.”

Got that?  The Head of the IRS visited the White House MORE than EVERY Cabinet member, by AT LEAST 60 VISITS!!  That would be a visit ONCE A WEEK FOR MORE THAN A YEAR, MORE than every other Cabinet member. 

This includes HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, who visited ONLY 48 TIMES.  You know, the person that IS RESPONSIBLE FOR WRITING ALL THE REGULATIONS FOR OBAMACARE!!!  OBAMACARE…pretty much the ONLY legislation that was worked on by the Obama Administration for TWO YEARS.  And the person that will be in charge of this disaster ONLY visited the White House 48 times.

Meanwhile, the person in charge of the IRS, WHICH WAS TARGETING CONSERVATIVES, against the Constitution and breaking many laws, VISITED THE WHITE HOUSE AT LEAST 157 TIMES……but remember, the White House knew nothing about this……ARE YOU KIDDING ME???

People better end up in JAIL!!! and I’m NOT only speaking of “LOW-LEVEL employees”.

The IRS Scandal CONTINUED!!!

May 29, 2013

In my previous post I gave some links about the IRS Scandal of TARGETING Conservatives.  The supposed defense of the TARGETING, that has been propagated by the Obama Administration, is that it was only a few lower-level employees of the Cincinnati Office that did ALL of the targeting, and that NO ONE ELSE KNEW IT WAS HAPPENING…


It has already been shown that the Inspector General had notified the top Lawyer for the Treasury Department, as well as AT LEAST one other HIGH_LEVEL official at the Treasury Department (Washington Post), that he was doing the investigation. 

J. Russell George, the Treasury Department’s top tax watchdog, said Friday he had informed top Treasury officials starting last spring about problems related to the special attention the agency was paying some conservative organizations seeking tax-exempt status. George said he shared the information with the Treasury’s general counsel in June and with Deputy Treasury Secretary Neal S. Wolin “shortly thereafter.”

Anyone want to wager that he did or did not tell that Lawyer what he was finding??  It has been shown that AFTER being told of the investigation, that Christopher J. Meade, Treasury General Counsel met with White House Chief Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler AT LEAST three times.

Christopher J. Meade, Treasury Chief Counsel, met with Ruemmler on September 27th, December 11th, and December 13th, 2012, according to White House Visitor Records requests. The two had never met one-on-one prior to these meetings.” – Daily Caller

The two had never met, but NOW THEY WERE WORKING ON SOMETHING TOGETHER, that required AT LEAST three face to face meetings.  How many phone calls??  E-mails??  Any other correspondence??

And today I read this:

Lawmakers zero in on IRS meetings at White House” – Washington Examiner

Former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner Doug Shulman visited the White House 118 times between 2010 and 2011.”

118 TIMES!!??  That is more than once per week!!!  For TWO YEARS!!!

Just to put this number in perspective:

The frequent trips to the White House under Obama far outnumbered the times other administrations felt the need to meet with the IRS, according to Mark Everson, who led the IRS under former President George W. Bush. Everson said he remembers making only one trip to the White House between 2003 and 2007.

In the previous FOUR YEARS, the previous Commissioner visited the White House ONE TIME!!!

Who is STILL TRYING to say that the White House knew nothing about the TARGETING??  Are you kidding me??

The Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service met with people IN THE WHITE HOUSE more than once per week for two years, at the same time that the IRS was TARGETING conservative groups!!!

And just as a reminder:

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew Defends Handling of IRS Scandal” – ABC News

Who is Jack Lew you ask?

On January 10, 2013, President Obama nominated Lew for the position of Secretary of the Treasury.” – Wikipedia

So, this is the guy that replaced Timmy “I’m worse than Apple because I just don’t pay the taxes that I owe” Geithner.  But wait…January 2013 is after all this happened.  What did Jack Lew do before this??

“…before Lew became secretary of the treasury he was President Obama’s chief of staff at the White House…”

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that Mr. Lew “first heard about this targeting” this year??  I mean, he was Obama’s CHIEF OF STAFF!!!  He makes sure he KNOWS WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WHITE HOUSE!!

And for anyone that believes that Timmy Geithner did not have a hand in this:

Lew said he has directed incoming Acting Commissioner Daniel Werfel (Acting Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service), who begins Wednesday, to “carry out a thorough review,” including “making sure that those who acted inappropriately are held accountable for their actions,” as well as “examining and correcting any failures in the system that allowed this behavior to happen”.

Werfel will report back to him within 30 days so he can report back to the president “to make sure that nothing like this ever happens again,” Lew said.

See that?  The Secretary of the Treasury DIRECTED the Commissioner of the IRS what to do.

This is ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING and anyone that is honest can look at history and see that this situation will not get better for the citizens of the United States unless we take power away from the bureaucrats.

Finally some GOOD news from the “sequester”…

April 22, 2013

I know we have all been “trained” by the media and President Obama to think “bad things” will come from the “sequester”, BUT I finally have some good GREAT NEWS!!! 

First, everyone should KNOW that President Obama is trying to inflict as much “pain” on the American public, so that we scream “no more cuts”. (Washington Times)

at least one agency has been instructed to make sure the cuts are as painful as President Obama promised they would be.

Well, I’m sorry Mister President, I do not think that the “cuts”, which are NOT really CUTS (Forbes or US News), are enough!!  We NEED MORE REAL CUTS!!!

But, I have FINALLY seen some good come from the “sequester”…

IRS Will Close To Public For Five Days Due to Furloughs” – Bloomberg

Only 360 more days to eliminate, and then the IRS will “work” just as much as they need to…

Gun Magazines Larger Than 10 Rounds???

January 17, 2013

I have been hearing, A LOT lately, about how the President and Democrats want to limit the magazine size of guns to less than 10 bullets.   This has become THE BIG NEWS STORY since the tragic massacre in Newtown, by a psychologically disturbed madman who killed his own mother and stole her guns to perpetrate the slaughter in a gun free zone.

Why We Must Ban High-Capacity Gun Magazines” – Huffington Post

Gun control advocates target high-capacity magazines” – USA Today

Obama gun control plan riles Hudson Valley critics” – Newsday

Emanuel Calls Obama Gun Laws “Common Sense”” – NBC Chicago

I’m positive that you can find many, many more articles, but these give the basics.  Obama wants to ban “high capacity gun magazines.

For years, gun control advocates have tried to ban high-capacity magazines, arguing they have no place in civil society.”

The proposed legislation would impose a 10-round limit on ammunition magazines

I’m sure you get the argument, I mean, NO ONE NEEDS more than 10 bullets for “self-defense“!!  Here is a quote from the President:

“…while there is no law or set of laws that can prevent every senseless act of violence completely, no piece of legislation that will prevent every tragedy, every act of evil, if there’s even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there’s even one life that can be saved, then we’ve got an obligation to try.”

Don’t you see, we need to save ONE LIFE!!!

And now for my opinion.

I’ll make a deal with the President, I will consider a ban on “high capacity magazines”, IF he will enact the following:

He will sign no bill into law that is longer than 10 pages.  AND, he will eliminate any current law that is more than 10 pages. 

I mean, who needs more than 10 pages to tell people what they cannot do??  Who needs 2,471 pages for a new law, like ObamaCare??

But, is it really that number of pages?  I don’t think that it is.  It’s much, much more.

The bill is filled with references to other laws, bills, and regulations, and those references are not explained in context with the language of the bill.
For example.

(2) in subsection (c)(2)(C)—
(A) by striking ‘‘9.8 percent’’ in clauses (i)(II) and (iv)
and inserting ‘‘9.5 percent’’; and
(B) by striking ‘‘(b)(3)(A)(iii)’’ in clause (iv) and
inserting ‘‘(b)(3)(A)(ii)’’.
(b) COST SHARING.—Section 1402(c) of the Patient Protection
and Affordable Care Act is amended—
(1) in paragraph (1)(B)(i)—
(A) in subclause (I), by striking ‘‘90’’ and inserting
(B) in subclause (II)—
(i) by striking ‘‘80’’ and inserting ‘‘87’’; and
(ii) by striking ‘‘and’’; and H. R. 4872—4
(C) by striking subclause (III) and inserting the following:


Would somebody tell me just exactly what the hell any of that means?  Is there one person on the whole freaking planet that can understand that gobbledygook?  I don’t think so.

Or how about this.

Replaced by section 10101(d).
‘‘(a) IN GENERAL.—A group health plan (other than a self-insured
plan) shall satisfy the requirements of section 105(h)(2) of
the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (relating to prohibition on discrimination
in favor of highly compensated individuals).

So this paragraph is meaningless unless we drag out the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, and read section 105(h)(2).

But guess what?  You can’t find section 105(h)(2).  In an hour of searching, I found ten-page summaries, and three-page summaries, and twenty-page summaries of that section.  All from links on the IRS site that point to non IRS sources, so these summaries all had a disclaimer to the effect of “This a summary, and not the actual law, and should not be the basis of a legal decision”, or similar wording.

So, if you base a legal decision on the wording of a non IRS summary that the IRS directed you to, and some bureaucrat decides to make your life miserable, he can just blow the dust off of his secret copy of the actual document, and find something in it not covered by the summary, which you had no way of knowing, and he can stick it to you for violating a rule that NOBODY, not even the bureaucrat, knew existed before he started looking for a way to mess with you.

I don’t mean to impugn all bureaucrats.  I presume that most aren’t inclined to use their power as a hammer on other people, but we’ve all encountered bureaucrats who are petty, small minded jerks who take their frustrations out on the general public for no other reason than the fact that they can.

There is not one single person on Planet Earth who can understand or explain this law in its entirety.  Not even the people who drafted it, since it was drafted in pieces.  You might find someone who could do a passable job of explaining pages 50 through 100, or 300 through 350, but no one who could explain it all.

The examples I’ve given are just a drop in the bucket.  The bill is riddled with references to other bills.  My best guess is that if you wanted to really understand the President’s health care plan, you would not only have to gather the two thousand plus pages of the bill itself, but about twenty thousand pages of other bills that it refers to.

You simply can’t understand this bill.  I don’t understand it.  Nancy Pelosi doesn’t understand it.  Harry Reid doesn’t understand it.  And the President doesn’t understand it.

So, to those people who are of the opinion that our country’s health care needs are better served with a large amount of government involvement, please think about the complexity of the bill.  Why did they make it so incomprehensible?  If the Obama/Reid/Pelosi triumvirate really had your best interests at heart, wouldn’t they have insisted on a bill that could be read and understood by the average person?”Neill Arnhart

Or who needs MORE THAN 70,000 pages to tell Americans how much they need to pay the US Government in TAXES??

The federal tax code, which was 400 pages long in 1913, has swollen to about 70,000. Americans now spend 7.6 billion hours a year grappling with an incomprehensible tangle of deductions, loopholes and arcane reporting requirements. That is the equivalent of 3.8 million skilled workers toiling full-time, year-round, just to handle the paperwork. By this measure, the tax-compliance industry is six times larger than car-making.

An incredible 82 percent of taxpayers are so flummoxed that they pay for help. Some 60 percent hire an accountant or tax preparer, while another 22 percent use tax software.

The Economist points out that “even the head of the Internal Revenue Service, Douglas Shulman, gets someone else to do his taxes.” I don’t know how the Economist reporters know that, but if that’s true it’s exhibit A in why we need tax reform.

Here’s exhibit B: The Annual Report of the National Taxpayer Advocate, who works on taxpayers’ behalf at the IRS, says that the most serious problem for taxpayers is that the IRS only answers their toll-free phones 71 percent of the time. I don’t think that’s the most serious problem when it comes to paying taxes.” – USNews

So what say you Mr. President??  Will you put a stop to the Bills and Laws that KILLING Grandmas and Babies??  How come you don’t care?? 


Let me know what you think.

The BLS, the Obama Administration and the Weekly Unemployment Rate….

November 21, 2012

Obama has been re-elected as President!!!  Yeahhhhhhhhh!!  (Sarcasm off)

It looks like I will have AT LEAST 4 more years of PROPAGANDA coming out of the Bureau of Labor Propaganda “Statistics”!!!

So for my first post of the “New and Improved” Obama Regime let’s start with last weeks report:

Sandy Spurs Jump in Jobless Claims; Inflation Nudges Up” – CNBC

Super storm Sandy drove U.S. weekly jobless claims up to 439,000, while consumer prices rose slightly last month as higher rents and costlier food offset cheaper gas.”

The Labor Department said Thursday that weekly applications increased by 78,000 mostly because a large number of applications were filed in states damaged by the storm.”

Wow!!  Up by 78,000 sounds BAD!! To a total of 439,000!!!  Wow, it IS bad!!  Just remember that NONE of these new jobless were ignored prior to the election, in order to get the “Official Unemployment Rate” below a magical 8%!!!  Nahhh, that would never happen.  And also remember, that it is ALL Hurricane Sandy’s fault, because nothing could ever be rightfully blamed on The One or his policies.

What happened this week, you ask?

Jobless Claims Still Taking Big Hit From Sandy Effects” – CNBC

See, still Hurricane Sandy’s fault.  What were the numbers, you ask?

Initial claims for state unemployment benefits dropped 41,000 to a seasonally adjusted 410,000, the Labor Department said on Wednesday.”

Wow!!  Dropped by 41,000!!!  That sounds good!!  But wait, I love how, NOWHERE in the article do they say what the “estimate” was last week.  If this weeks number is 410,000 + 41,000 drop equals 451,000 claims LAST WEEK!!!  But last week, they said that the rate ONLY INCREASED BY 78,000 to 439,000, and that sounded BAD.  IT WAS WORSE THAN THAT!!!  It actually increased by 90,000 claims last week!!!  That means that a 41,00 dropped number this week is SMALLER BY 12,000 (and will be EVEN SMALLER NEXT WEEK WHEN THE NUMBER IS REVISED UPWARD AGAIN).  So really, the drop this week is only 29,000 (the 12,000 has to be counted somewhere!!).


The four-week average of applications, a less volatile number, increased to 383,750.”

Anyone want to wager that this number WILL BE GOING UP next week??  And it is already ABOVE the 375,000 level “that some economists think signals a stable unemployment rate”.  Which means, that UNEMPLOYMENT RATE IS RISING AGAIN. 

Sorry, to be the bearer of the news.

Happy Thanksgiving, be safe!!

Obama, the BLS, and October’s Unemployment Rate…

October 29, 2012

If you have not seen my previous posts and my ranting against the Propaganda Machine, that is the Bureau of Labor Statistics (the BLS) then check my archives.

I would have started this post out….And now for some “Monday Morning Humor”…..but this is NOT funny!!!

Here is an article from the Wall Street Journal:

Labor Department Says No Decision Yet on Whether to Delay Jobs Report

The Labor Department said Monday that it has yet to make a decision on whether to delay Friday’s closely-watched October employment report due to the effects from Hurricane Sandy.

Let me just say that, ANY “DELAY” in reporting the numbers, will have NOTHING TO DO WITH HURRICANE SANDY!!!  Or to put it another way, Hurricane Sandy will be JUST AS RESPONSIBLE FOR A DELAY in the reporting of unemployment numbers, as THE ANTI-MUSLIM FILM WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE MASSACRE IN BENGHAZI!!!


I cannot find ONE instance where this reporting HAS EVER BEEN DELAYED.  IF they delay the reporting of these numbers, the people responsible will NEED TO BE FIRED AT A MINIMUM.  I’m not joking when I say these people should be tried for TREASON!!!



Now I want to highlight what I said last December:

Now for some cynicism.  I keep hearing the Democrats argue that they “want” an extension of the “extended unemployment benefits” and saying that the Republicans are fighting to let them expire unless we can “tax the rich more”.  Here is my view of the situation.  The Republicans are in a no-win situation, because the Democrats are going to let them expire, no matter what the Republicans offer.  Here is why.  IF the benefits expire, then everyone that is unemployed for more 9 months (I believe this is what the law will revert to, if I am incorrect please leave a comment), instead of the current temporary 99 weeks (which is just short of 2 years) will NO LONGER BE COUNTED IN THE UNEMPLOYMENT RATE.  IF this happens, the Unemployment Rate will have a sudden drop from the current 9+% rate.  This will make the numbers “look” like they improved, so President Obama can claim to be improving the economy.  He will get on TV everyday and say that he brought the unemployment rate down from 9+% (it was over 9% thanks to President Bush and the Republicans) to x%, and that is why he ”deserves” to remain President.  It would have come down sooner except the Republicans in Congress stopped him from helping out sooner.”

The question is: Will the “unemployment rate” dip below 8%??  If it does, this is ALL you will see on any television.

Obama and Campaign Finance…

October 26, 2012

And now some Thursday morning humor.

Today we have an Article from the Daily Caller, mentioning an interview of President Obama, on Air Force One, where he said:

Obama suggested he would use a second term — when he can’t run again — to impose limits on other politicians’ spending.”

This, coming from the President who first said he would abide by the limits of campaign funding by accepting the federal match, before he threw that promise out the window and SPENT $740 MILLION in 2008 getting elected President!!!

“I continue to believe that,” said Obama, who has raised roughly $1.5 billion over his 16-year political career. In 2008, he declined to limit his spending in exchange for federal campaign funds, and raised enough funds to outspend his 2008 rival, $740 million to $227 million.”

Now that the Republicans have MATCHED HIS SPENDING…..AND HE IS GOING TO LOSE, he wants to limit campaign spending.

“…his 2012 rival, Romney, has raised $472 million for the race…

I will stipulate that “outside groups” are spending $500 million for the Republicans, that is not included in this number.

“…Obama and his allies have raised $1 billion for the 2012 campaign, according to a calculation by Politico

This seems to be another case of Obama’s “fuzzy math”, or his grade school “if I can’t beat you by the rules, I’ll take my ball home!!”
Oh, the IRONY!!!